Since the introduction of the first BEE Codes
in 2007, Imperial Logistics has worked tirelessly to be
recognised as a leader in the development of human
capital at all levels – with the prime objective being the
closer alignment of the group’s employee and leadership
profile with the national demography.

With transformation an essential part of the group’s strategy, our BEE policies have been developed to ensure that measurable progress is made towards genuine black economic empowerment. Our approach is intrinsically collaborative and the business works together with all of our stakeholders – customer, partners, suppliers and the public sector, including government. Our most recent certification, issued in October 2017, represents a significant 10 year milestone in our transformation efforts – with year on year improvements resulting in Level 2 recognition.

Our strategy in terms of the revised codes encompasses the following key objectives:

  1. Maintain our leadership position– the tougher new B-BBEE scorecard raises the transformation bar, particularly for large organisations, but we view this as an incentive to keep doing the things that have earned us our position as industry leader.
  2. Maximise our clients’ preferential procurement recognition– with an acute understanding of the new codes, we will continue to partner with our clients in exhausting all potential recognition benefits.
  3. Support our clients’ QSE/EME spend– we will actively develop our enterprise development partnerships to the benefit of our clients – identifying, developing and position these EMEs and QSEs to become suppliers to our clients.
  4. Enable diversity across the business – working across all businesses and functions we will facilitate and leverage authentic transformation in all its dimensions.

Our approach to transformation is much more than just meeting targets and we are committed to constant evaluation of our achievements, as well as tackling challenges and leveraging new opportunities. The new codes represent just such an opportunity and whilst the tougher new BEE scorecard raises the transformation bar, particularly for large organisations, Imperial Logistics views this as an incentive to keep doing the things that have earned it the position of an industry leader in some BEE indicators – and to push harder in areas in which it may be falling short. We have already aligned our BEE initiatives to the Amended Codes of Good Practice which came into effect on 1 November 2015. With transformation a strategic focus area for the group, we are already measuring our operating companies in terms of these new codes.

Our BEE roadmap gives a clear indication that Imperial Logistics will achieve a competitive recognition level under the new codes and it is anticipated that we will achieve Level 4 status in 2017 and will actively target Level 3 status by 2020. Notably, Imperial Logistics will strive to achieve “51% Black Owned” status through securing the appropriate voting rights and economic interest for black people in the JSE listed, Imperial Group.

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