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In the demanding agricultural sector, where the challenges include tough timelines, erratic volumes, time and heat sensitive product, volatile climate conditions and poor infrastructure, Imperial Logistics has cultivated unrivalled competencies and delivers innovative agricultural logistics solutions.

We offer multimodal transportation management capabilities and agricultural logistics solutions for a variety of agricultural goods, including cocoa beans, maize, potatoes, tomatoes, avocadoes, eggs, meat products, a variety of fruit, wheat, sunflower, sorghum, soya beans and peanuts, as well as lime and fertilisers.

Managing changing conditions

We have a deep understanding of the unique challenges associated with agriculture – including heightened time and temperature sensitivities and ever changing climate conditions. We are as vested in mitigating the risks of drought conditions as our clients are, because our business is also enormously impacted by the resulting low yields and volumes. To this end, we are constantly seeking opportunities for cost savings and agricultural logistics service enhancements that will drive our clients’ competitiveness and counter the negative effects of climate driven downturns. One such opportunity is offering clients back loads on longer distances, in order to give them a price benefit.

We constantly research and investigate new developments in the transportation industry, to identify technological advances relevant to our business, and leverage these to drive service levels up and costs down for agricultural clients.

Flexible experts for our clients

The Imperial Logistics differentiators that set us apart from our competitors in this testing arena are our flexibility, long-standing relationships and well-established expertise. Our asset-light model gives us the flexibility to quickly adapt to customer requirements, together with the skills and resources to rapidly ramp up our capacity when required and effectively manage excessive volumes within a very short period.

We leverage our exceptional relationships and ability to customise our agricultural logistics solutions in order to execute effective operations and seamless service delivery to customers and suppliers alike. Our ingrained culture of continuous improvement and original thinking means that we constantly focus on improving processes and service delivery. Innovations that we have developed especially for agricultural clients include specially designed trailers to ensure maximum payloads on commodities with a low density, such as sunflowers.

Breaking new ground

In South America, Imperial Logistics operates a shipping service on one of the longest and most important waterways in the world, and serves the booming agricultural sector in the region. Our operation on the rivers Rio Paraguay and Rio Paraná extends from Brazil to Argentina, through Bolivia and Paraguay, which is the world’s fourth largest producer of soya beans. Prior to our investment in the region, there was no efficient transportation management system in the states bordering this river system.

We utilise powerful push boats and barges to move goods on the 3 000km shipping route, enabling clients in sectors that include agriculture to reap the benefits of our efficient agricultural logistics solution. Our push boat convoys are adapted to the specific requirements of the South American waterways, and thus provide clients with a highly effective, high-volume value-add logistics solution. Our pusher tug units boast extraordinary dimensions: three push barges in four rows behind each other form a pushing unit with a total loading capacity of 36 000 tonnes. Our twelve South America based push barges are 280 metres long in all and are 50 metres wide.

In addition to seamlessly moving agricultural cargo on the South American waterways, we also offer upstream or downstream value-add logistics solutions to agricultural clients in the region.

Truly adding value

In Africa, we deliver agile transportation management capabilities and value-add logistics solutions to the exacting agricultural sector. Our experience and expertise includes moving 50 000 tons of bagged cocoa beans for a global manufacturer each month, 14 000 tonnes of raw potatoes a month from over 80 locations for a frozen foods leader, 3,5 million dozen eggs each month from multiple farms into pack stations and then out into retail outlets, a variety of meat products into major retailers, 9000 tons of fruit and vegetables per season from farms to multiple export and fresh produce market locations.

Through a joint venture with Senwes, our company Grainovation focuses on the agriculture and agro-processing sector – specifically grain commodity transportation – and thus offers a specialised focus on transportation of grain and related commodities throughout southern Africa.

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