Safer roads start with you.

Golden Rule of Car Seats

Always secure your child in a car seat when you drive anywhere. Most collisions occur “just around the corner”.

Your vehicle is not a child-safe zone - you have to make it safe with a car seat.

Harness belts must not be twisted or turned.

Children under the age of 13 should ride in the back seat.

Always install your car seat as per the directions in the manual.

Keep your child in the correct seat for as long as possible, but no longer. It is also dangerous to keep your child in a car seat that they have outgrown.

Tighten the harness just right. The harness must fit snug - you must be able to fit your hand in between your child’s tummy and the buckle.

The shoulder straps of the harness must never go over or below the shoulder. At shoulder height or slightly above the shoulder is good.

Car seats must be installed with a 3 point seat belt unless they are specifically designed for a lap belt only installation.

  • A child outgrows their car seat when they have reached the upper weight margin of the seat OR their shoulder is higher than the highest belt adjustment of the seat.
  • Car seats are used to minimise risk during a collision. They do not eliminate risk. You must adjust your driving when driving with children - remember you are already training them as drivers through your example. Be the driver you want your children to be. Drive lovingly.
  • Never use a car seat where there are air bags. Airbags deploy at 350km/h and can seriously injure your child and even cause death.
  • The safest seating in the vehicle is at the back in the centre.
  • Make sure your seat has good side impact protection to protect your child’s head and neck.

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