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Chemicals and energy


The breadth and depth of our competencies, resources and specialist skills in this challenging sector have earned Imperial Logistics the reputation as the leading logistics partner for the chemical industry.

With more than four decades of experience, Imperial Logistics boasts an extensive range of chemical logistics services that is unmatched by other logistics specialists. We can handle an entire chemical supply chain, from importing raw materials by different modes of transport, including customs clearance, to warehousing concepts for dangerous substances and distribution services, and even the export operations for clients’ chemical products. Our range of solutions is complemented by value-add solutions such as intermediate bulk container and tank cleaning operations at our own facilities designed for this purpose. We maintain the highest standards in terms of quality, the environment, health and safety in our chemical logistics activities.

Extensive chemical logistics services

Our capabilities in chemical logistics span road, river, air and ocean transportation management, warehousing and distribution management. Our unrivalled logistics solutions to the chemical and energy industries also include planning and consulting, intermediate bulk container (IBC) and tank cleaning, onsite services, import and export logistics.

Imperial Logistics has extensive experience in transporting bulk petroleum fuels, bulk liquid gas and packaged chemical products by road. Our expertise in chemical logistics also encompasses liquid disposal services. In southern Africa, we leverage a vast depot network and infrastructure that has been optimised to ensure coverage of all the major routes.

Imperial Logistics has the proud distinction of being southern Africa’s only accredited cyanide transporter, with accreditation from the International Cyanide Management Institute (ICMI). We are part of an elite group of just 68 internationally certified cyanide transporters, with only 12 of these based in Africa.

Transparent and collaborative partnerships

Our chemical logistics road transportation solutions encompass both primary and secondary transport. Imperial Logistics prides itself on forging strong, transparent business partnerships with its clients. We have long standing relationships with many global chemical and energy leaders, and these have developed into collaborative partnerships.

We leverage the diverse and expansive expertise of the Imperial Logistics group to optimise our solutions to chemical clients and we adhere to the most stringent health, safety, security and environmental (HSSE) practices. Like our fuel and chemical industry clients, we are committed to, and have prioritised, environmental sustainability. This is reflected in the innovative water harvesting initiatives implemented in our depot wash bays and other facilities, as well as energy saving lighting technology implemented at all our operations. We have invested in the latest vehicles for our tanker fleet, and these boast exceptional fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions. Our in-house training departments focus on ongoing driver training, including specific product handling skills, to ensure that all our activities and operations meet our clients’ stringent global safety standards.

Innovating to drive our clients’ competitiveness

We strive to identify and capitalise on the latest technological innovations, to enhance our solutions and drive our clients’ competitiveness. Imperial Logistics achieved a transport industry first with its self-briefing system for drivers in South Africa. This ground-breaking initiative is reducing the operational risk in our operations, while at the same time expanding employees’ exposure to the latest industry technology and providing opportunities for their growth and development. Our advanced fuel dispenser technology, customised for fuel industry clients, is designed for highly accurate fuel level monitoring. It is the definitive solution to combating fuel theft, minimising the risk of contamination of fuel products and monitoring the transfer of data.

On Europe’s inland waterways, Imperial Logistics undertakes tanker and gas tanker shipping of fuel, gas and chemicals utilising an owned fleet of 17 specialised gas tanker vessels and 60 shipping tankers. We have more than 40 years’ experience in shipping gas products liquefied under pressure, including butane, propane and propylene. Our shipping tankers are employed for various requirements, including the transportation of acids.

High-tech chemical warehousing

Imperial Logistics has made substantial investments in high-tech dangerous goods warehousing, to meet the needs of clients in the chemicals industry. In Europe, we have 20 dangerous goods warehouse sites offering more than 342 000 pallet locations. Our dangerous goods warehouses feature temperature control and the latest safety-enhancing technology, including automatic fire floors, resistant floor coating for leakage and fire-fighting water retention, gas warning systems, technical ventilation to avoid high risk air mixes, explosion protection and CO2 fire extinguishing systems.

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