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Consumer Packaged Goods


Our clients in this industry reap the benefits of our vast experience and expertise in transportation, warehousing and distribution management, together with our additional specialist capabilities in the consumer goods value chain. These include sourcing, procurement, sales, distribution, and debtor's management.

The retail and consumer sector is always on the move. Whether this involves shopping centres, shops in inner city locations or at airports - trends change very quickly and the goods change just as rapidly too. To keep up with these developments, highly complex and process driven supply chains are needed. With our profound industry expertise we are the competent and reliable partner for our clients who handles this complexity.

Shop fitting logistics

From a tailor-made transport solution and professional warehousing to shop fitting logistics, we provide efficiency and transparency for your supply chain. At more than 1,000 shop openings per year worldwide, we assume the complete supply chain for our clients, from the delivery to the on schedule and professional installation of the shop furnishings. We take care that every nut, bolt and screw runs smoothly. Beyond that, if desired, we provide additional services with our white glove logistics.

Keeping the shelves stocked

We boast expansive geographic representation, especially in the SADC territories (Southern African Development Community). Our operations encompass South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Swaziland, Zambia and Malawi. Our distribution network caters for all route to market channels, including the urban formal (modern) trade, rural informal (traditional) trade, as well as organised retail.

Imperial Logistics' superior facility footprint enables us to carry stock in the regions, close to the consumer. It means that we can ensure stock pressure on the shelf, creating throughput of product into the hands of the consumer. We understand the consumer goods value chain, and the importance of having product on the shelf at the right price points. We operate across various sub-verticals such as confectionery, durables, grocery, liquor and beverages, consumer health and personal care, frozen, perishables and processed dairy, through established channels to market such as retail, pharmacies, liquor network and independents.

Our sales and operations planning processes are constantly evolving to meet our clients' needs. These are aligned with ordering, stock holding, replenishment, sales and distribution. We offer our client's exceptional visibility of sales through our sales teams on the ground, coupled with the effective use of handheld devices to capture data.

Customised to the clients' challenges

Working alongside our clients, we are adept at identifying the constantly shifting challenges, risks and opportunities in this industry. The challenges facing our clients and Imperial Logistics include political uncertainty, local laws and regulations, and skills shortages, as well as economic challenges such as volatile commodity prices. We work closely with our clients to develop customised solutions to mitigate risks like these, and minimise their impact on costs, service delivery and operational capacity. We are committed to investing in and developing the capacity and skills to help our clients manage their growth into Africa, and capitalise on prospects in the region.

We believe that the rapid growth of the consumer sector in Africa offers a wealth of opportunities. Illicit and cross border trading is diminishing due to formalisation processes. Excise duties and customs controls are further formalising the marketplace.

Knowledge transfer is key

In addition to our vast in-depth knowledge of the markets in which we operate, Imperial Logistics has the unmatched ability to leverage synergies in our solutions across various industries. Our capabilities and resources in consumer packaged goods and healthcare, for example, deliver competitive advantages to clients in both sectors. While warehouse facilities and delivery universes are different, opportunities exist to share functions such as warehouse management, fine distribution, routing, deliveries and back-office administration. With approximately 25% of a distributor's costs lying in the last mile delivery cannot be overlooked, so this is an area where we continuously explore opportunities for synergistic cost savings.

We know that technology is changing product design, business models, shopping behaviour and the competitive landscape in which our clients operate. For this reason, we strive to maintain a cutting-edge position when it comes to the latest technological advances that can optimise our solutions and drive our clients' competitiveness. Globalisation is driving borderless growth across established and emerging markets, while barriers to entry are being lowered, if not demolished. Some of the advanced technology that we are exploring and have already implemented includes mobile money and e-wallets, control towers, and handheld devices to manage and optimise sales performance.

Trends that we believe will shape the consumer packaged goods landscape of the future are the availability of point of sales data to create visibility of sales out; an increase in B2B transactions; and the prevalence of B2C or omni-channel retailing.

Every capability and solution offered by Imperial Logistics in the consumer marketplace aims to deliver innovation and an unrivalled competitive advantage for our clients. We are constantly tailoring our capabilities to our clients' needs, and supplying a mix of channels and types of intermediaries that are astutely chosen to meet our clients' specific requirements.

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