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Goldfields Logistics

History of Business

Goldfields Logistics was established in 1986. In 1994 Imperial bought a majority share of 60% in the company.

Core Business

Goldfields Logistics is a supply chain solutions specialist and a major player in the paper industry. The company has been Sappi Fine Paper and Sappi Kraft’s logistics partner for over 11 years, demonstrating tangible business results and real business empowerment through long-term collaboration. For Goldfields Logistics, business is about more than transport, warehousing, logistics and distribution, it is about adding value, reducing costs, understanding customers’ businesses and meeting their individual supply chain requirements.

Service Offerings

Inbound Logistics

  • Collecting from source
  • Transportation to production facilities and management of stock control
  • Booking stock into production warehouses
  • Full management control across supply chain functions
  • Releasing stock into the production process, as and when required

Outbound logistics

  • Assuming control of the finished product
  • Shuttling stock into finished goods warehouses
  • Management of stock control
  • Picking and packing products for long distance distribution to distribution centres (DCs) and local deliveries
  • Line Haul to DCs
  • Fully managed DCs in strategic areas
  • Fully managed local distribution from DCs

Supply Chain Management

  • Individual flexible solutions tailored to each customer’s needs
  • Stock management software systems
  • Raw material warehousing
  • Finished goods warehousing
  • Distribution centres
  • Line haul transport

Service Offerings

Goldfields Logistics’ approach to logistics and supply chain management makes it stand out. Its focus on adding value, reducing costs and really understanding each customer’s business has lead to the company maintaining long-term partnerships with customers. In fact, when the aforementioned South African paper company conducted an analysis to determine where logistics costs could be cut, there was no room for further savings. This achievement was due to the close collaboration between logistics service provider (LSP) and customer, collaboration that enabled a transactional relationship to become a strategic alliance.

Service Offerings

South Africa

Head Office

Goldfields Logistics Group
Corner of Fabrieks and Eerste Avenue,
Bothaville, 9660
South Africa

Phone +27 56 514 9300

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