Imperial Logistics

Board and committees

Board succession and appointment

Directors are appointed based on their skills, experience and expected level of contribution to, and impact on, the activities of the group. The board decides on the appointment of directors based on recommendations from the nomination committee. New directors are formally inducted to facilitate their understanding of the group.

The role of the chairman is to set the ethical tone of the board and to ensure that the board remains efficient, focused and operates as a unit. The chairman is an independent non-executive chairman whose role is clearly defined and separate from that of the CEO through the provisions of the board charter.

The chairman provides overall leadership to the board without limiting the principle of collective responsibility for board decisions.

The responsibility for the executive management of the group's operations vests with the CEO, Mr Mohammed Akoojee, who reports to the board on the group's objectives and strategy. The CEO is accountable to the board and consistently strives to achieve the group's goals within the framework of delegated authority.

While the board may delegate authority to the CEO in terms of the board charter, the separation of responsibilities is designed to ensure that no single person or group can have unrestricted powers and that appropriate balances of power and authority exist on the board.

Board sub-committees

The board has established a number of sub-committees, including statutory committees, all of which operate within written terms of reference.

The performance of each committee is regularly assessed in accordance with their terms of reference. No instances of non-compliance were noted. The following tables below outline the board committee responsibilities and memberships at the time of publication.