Imperial has secured the naming rights to the Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg for the next five years, commencing 2020. This significant partnership between Imperial and Gauteng Cricket reinforces the group’s commitment to sport development as a leading factor that unites nations and its people and likewise reinforces Imperial’s positioning as a leading brand. The stadium is accordingly called the Imperial Wanderers Stadium.

Imperial Wanderers Stadium is one of country’s premier sporting and entertainment venues and a stadium known throughout the world. As an international company with strong South African roots, Imperial sees great value in a partnership with a world-class venue that is unmistakably South African.

The comradery of sport is universal, and it has an unmatched ability to inspire, motivate and unite. Its lessons of hard work, team work, leadership and perseverance are deeply compelling. At Imperial, we share this passion for sport and the competitive and collective spirit it embodies – and this was the catalyst for our partnership with Gauteng Cricket.

Imperial Wanderers Stadium is positioned to become a premier multi-purpose entertainment space where a diverse range of South Africans and international visitors can connect around shared interests and collective passions. This sense of community and energy resonates with Imperial as a brand and we are accordingly proud to see our name on the stadium.

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