Our long-standing and established relationships with leading players in the mining and manufacturing sectors are testament to our matchless solutions in these spheres, where many of our partnerships go back two decades.

We offer a broad range of solutions to some of the leading global manufacturers across a diverse range of sub-sectors - including cement, glass, machinery and equipment, paper and steel. Using both own-assets and asset-light options, our road transportation management solutions leverage a broad variety of vehicle types and configurations - depending on the most efficient and cost-effective solution for each client. These include tautliners, flat-beds, flat-beds with cranes, skeletal trailers for containers and step-deck trailers. Specialised trailers have been developed to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of glass products, for example, and include vehicles that are equipped with air suspension and fixed glass racking.

Our mining industry solutions are focused predominately on mining activities in Southern Africa, where Imperial provides intermodal transportation solutions for bulk commodities like chrome, manganese, iron ore, coal as well as agriculture products into manufacturing facilities and export ports. The world’s leading mining houses rely on our efficient, agile solutions to move large volumes of bulk commodities. Because of our unique, asset-light model, we can deliver flexible, customised solutions that are not constrained by owned assets. This versatile, risk-mitigating approach means that we can ramp up our capacity or adapt our approach at any time to meet our mining clients’ needs. It means that we can source even the most specialised resources for our clients as and when they are required. Even in the most testing economic environments, it enables us to constantly add value to our clients’ supply chains, drive their competitiveness and influence their profitability.

Other key services include warehouse management, labour management and distribution management. Our lead logistics provider (LLP) capabilities drive the competitiveness of clients through a single partner approach which encompasses integrated activities across the value chain. Imperial’s contract logistics solutions also include contract manufacturing, which is provided to certain multi-national clients.

This sector contributed 18% of total revenue in the 2020 financial year. Imperial has a well-diversified spread across the industrial sector - where sub-sectors were impacted differently across the regions by the COVID-19 pandemic, thereby diluting our overall exposure in this sector. With a strong sales pipeline in place, many of Imperial's sub-sectors were performing consistently prior to COVID-19 but were severely impacted due to being classified under non-essential services during the lockdown restrictions in many countries. Certain sectors within the industrial sector - such as the packaging sector - displayed resilience as manufacturers experienced an increased demand for packaging materials for the food and hygiene sectors.

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