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Machinery and equipment

Machinery (and equipment) is, quite literally, the fundamental driver of a wide variety of sectors. From small gear wheels to complete industrial filling units and wind turbines, machinery and equipment ensures smooth production in a diverse range of industries.

Imperial Logistics understands the challenges and pressures faced by manufacturers when it comes ensuring the efficient, uninterrupted operation of machinery, and on the suppliers of equipment and spare parts. There are often high investment costs for the machines; but many of these also have a very long serviceable life. During this time, manufacturers must maintain stock of spare parts, so that the equipment – and production – does not come to a halt. If production comes to a standstill because of a faulty part, the consequences can be dire. Downtime can quickly cost a fortune. In addition to the financial consequences, reputations, relationships and service levels are compromised.

Multiple users, multiple benefits

We assume responsibility for the complete logistics along the supply chain, including handling the spare parts logistics and the reverse logistics for our clients in the machinery and equipment sector. Rapid response times, constant availability around the clock (365 days a year), and global distribution services are the core elements of our spare parts logistics operations. Thanks to the design of our spare parts warehouses as multi-user bases, we can combine these services for our customers, and deliver significant cost benefits.

In addition to spare parts logistics, Imperial Logistics is also the partner of choice for heavy-duty and project logistics, construction site logistics and the management of transport operations to the sites where components will be installed.

Comprehensive solutions for spare parts logistics

Our capabilities in the machinery and equipment sector encompass shipping and road transportation, warehousing and distribution management. We utilise state of the art push boats and offer road transportation solutions to supply raw materials to factories and to move bulk commodities. Coastal shipping is also undertaken. Our solutions include freight forwarding for project loads.

Our warehousing and distribution management experience and expertise includes stock optimisation, logistics monitoring and benchmark systems, as well as global networking of warehouse stocks. We handle customs services and the origin of goods, and undertake order picking and sequencing for our machinery and equipment clients. We leverage expansive warehouse space for our clients in this sector. A total of 120 000 m2 of machinery, equipment and spare parts warehousing is available at three well-located sites in Germany.

Enhancing our broad capabilities in this sector are our value-add logistics solutions, which include packing, sub-assembly and packaging, personnel services, production supplies, disposal services and industrial moves.

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