IMPERIAL Road Safety: Sense of relief following N3TC and Bakwena statistics released

19 January 2015

With December now behind us, IMPERIAL Road Safety is pleased to announce a reduction in the number of crashes, injuries and fatalities for the N3 Toll Route, which traditionally records high traffic volumes during the busy holiday periods.

N3 Toll Concession (N3TC) recorded a marked decrease of 66.7% in along the N3 Toll Route between Cedara near Hilton in KwaZulu-Natal and Heidelberg in Gauteng over the Festive Season.  The number of injury crashes reduced by 6.8% when compared to the 2013 Festive Season period. Similarly, there was only one recorded pedestrian crash, as opposed to three the previous year.

Niki Cronje, Group Marketing at IMPERIAL Road Safety, believes that the reduction in fatalities and crashes is partly due to increased route patrolling, as well as projects like the IMPERIAL Highway Patrol initiative.

She elaborates: “For the 4th year running, IMPERIAL Road Safety partnered with N3TC and N1N4 Bakwena Toll Concessionaires to increase patrol support on these routes over the December holiday period and create stronger law enforcement visibility.”

“With regards to the N1 and N4 routes, although there were 27 crashes on the N1 (up from last years 16), fatalities decreased, from 6 to 3. On the N4, a recorded 13 crashes where recorded (down by 2) and no fatalities were recorded – in comparison to last year, where there were 2,” says Cronje.

Through the initiative, 13 patrol vehicles were assigned to N3TC and two vehicles to the N1N4 Bakwena. In addition, N3TC, together with Angels in Motion (volunteer counsellors in Ladysmith) and Community Medical Services (volunteer paramedics), supported victims of crashes, as part of N3TC’s Duduza ‘We Care’ Initiative, where two of the vehicles supplied by IMPERIAL’s Europcar were used as a support unit operating on Van Reenen’s Pass.

Charmaine van Wyk, Bakwena’s Public Relations Officer adds: “We firmly believe that the presence of these patrol vehicles, which are operated by trained personnel, in conjunction with our ongoing efforts to create safer roads over busy holiday seasons, has had a positive impact on driver behaviour, resulting in fewer fatalities and reducing the severity of the crashes.”

Cronje concludes: “We are thrilled to see that there were fewer fatalities this year and the IMPERIAL Highway Patrol Project has, and will continue to, contribute to the safety of road users along these two routes during peak periods.”

IMPERIAL Road Safety will be undertaking the same project during the Easter period, and will continue to work towards creating safer roads for all.


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