Imperial brand education experts deliver market share growth and return on investment for GSK

18 September 2017

Imperial brand education experts deliver market share growth and return on investment for GSK Market share growth, an excellent return on investment and valuable insights into consumers’ shopping habits are among the benefits that leading global consumer healthcare group GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has gained since partnering with Peak Instore, the brand consulting division of Imperial Logistics.

The Problem

Peak general manager Candice Meerholz says that historically, manufacturers like GSK have used weekend promoters for their brand activation activities. “Thisresults in a temporary spike in sales, but unfortunately, these weekend promotersoften have little to no product knowledge. With Peak, our brand education experts are in a class of their own. They are permanently based in store, and boast exceptional brand knowledge.”

The Solution

Recognising Peak’s differentiators, GSK partnered with the business for apermanent, dedicated experiential engagement solution on GSK brands. “Our brand education experts have been specifically recruited for the oral care and wellness requirements of GSK’s Sensodyne, Aquafresh, Grandpa, Calpol, Med-Lemon, Scotts and Eno brands. Our service to GSK initially consisted of 20 brand education experts based at 40 strategic stores in Gauteng, including Makro, Pick ‘n Pay Hypers, Pick ‘n Pay Family stores, Spar and Checkers / Shoprite,” Meerholz explains.

Every Peak brand education specialist working for GSK must complete a rigorous training programme, to align their performance and activities with client GSK’s global standard operating procedures. Every expert must write a test and achieve a pass rate of 90% or more before they may approach shoppers. Monthly product training, updatesand tests are conducted thereafter, to ensure that Peak’s brand education experts are always equipped to exceed clients’ expectations.

“Because we are permanently based in store, we not only defend GSK’s forward share and market share, we consistently drive brand awareness and larger basket purchase, and a memorable shopping experience. In addition, we offer GSK transparent and immediate visibility on issues, merchandising and competitor activity.”

The Outcome

Since the inception of this partnership, Peak has brought a significant point of difference to the rock face in-store for GSK, Meerholz states. The partnership has grown and developed, based on Peak’s successful results. The number of brand education experts devoted to GSK’s brands has doubled, from 20 to 40, with two managers overseeing activities.

“Through our real time reporting we are able to pass on trade intelligence beyond the shelf space. We give valuable insights and comprehensive breakdowns on all shoppers approached, including their buying behavior and perceptions. We are also able to measure – with GSK criteria – a solid return on investment.”

“Since implementing the Peak solution for GSK, we have reduced the key value items (KVIs) out of stock on shelf by an exceptional 517%,” she expands. This has helped GSK to secure sales on its fastest sellers.

Peak also constantly shares information with GSK on delivery and stock issues faced in stores. This allows immediate action from the relevant GSK managers, who can give feedback to their key account managers, who will in turn contact the distribution centre to resolve issues. By quantifying lost sales to GSK, Peak can report on KVI out of stocks and the potential lost sales based on recommended selling price and return on sales.

“The greatest benefit that we are delivering to GSK is dedicated, permanent experts who are trained and qualified to engage with shoppers and offer them oral care and wellness solutions from GSK’s brands. No competitor has this model in trade. In the stores that Peak is in we have substantially out-grown other stores,” Meerholz concludes.

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