Imperial Logistics provides bees with space to live

5 June 2018

Duisburg/Herten, 5. June 2018 – Imperial Logistics is making its contribution towards combating the demise of bees. The logistics specialist is providing a home for ten bee colonies at an outdoor area at its business location in Herten. A professional organic beekeeper is looking after the bees.

The area, which measures about 13,000 square metres and is completed fenced in, is located right next to the multi-user warehouse on the site of the former Ewald coal mine. It can be described as rough pastureland and offers ideal conditions for honey bees because of the variety of herbaceous plants and low shrubs found there. The plot of land is quiet and secluded so that the bees do not create any risks to employees or local residents.

“By setting up this facility, we’d like to play our part in maintaining the bee colonies; their numbers have declined to an alarming degree during the past few years,” says Lou Greven, who is responsible for sustainability at Imperial Logistics, explaining the motivation behind this development. “As a large land user, it’s our duty to use the natural space that is still available as a living area for particularly threatened types of insects,” the environmental officer adds.

The disappearance of natural environments as a result of the increasing use of impervious surfaces and single-crop agriculture are all negative factors that are restricting the living space for bee colonies. Bees are some of the most important working creatures and pollinate fruit and vegetable plants. The fewer fruit and vegetable plants that they pollinate, the less there is to harvest. Experts believe that we would lose one third of what we eat without the work performed by bees. A bee colony, which consists of between about 20,000 and 80,000 creatures, depending on the time of year, can produce 20 – 30 kilograms of honey every year.

The site next to the Imperial Logistics multi-user warehouse at the business location in Herten (North Rhine-Westphalia) is being used as a natural environment for threatened bee colonies.

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