Robust strategy to future proof our business

24 November 2017

The executive teams of Imperial Holdings and Imperial Logistics recently spent two long days engaged in an intense and in-depth review of the Imperial Logistics’ strategy. As a result, the collective group endorsed the unifying vision and values of the business.

“We are decisive, performance driven and inclusive,” confirms Imperial Logistics CEO, Marius Swanepoel. “This powerful set of values will create a rallying point for all Imperial Logistics’ people around our shared purpose and differentiation. They define our organisational DNA – who we are and how we engage with one another,” he enthuses.

In terms of the vision, Swanepoel clarifies that Imperial Logistics will aspire to be the internationally acclaimed Tier One provider of outsourced value-add logistics, supply chain management and route-to-market solutions – customised to ensure the relevance and competitiveness of our clients in the verticals and geographies in which we participate. “We have captured the essence of these ambitions in a single, powerful statement: customise, collaborate, compete,” explains Swanepoel.

The constructive debate likewise led to the confirmation of three core aspirations, five corporate strategies and a number of strategic initiatives.

“The realisation of this strategic work is critical to future proofing our business and more detail on the corporate strategies and strategic initiatives will be shared in due course,” concludes Swanepoel.

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