Adapting to change has helped the company remain a step ahead of its competitors

10 March 2016

The business model which Imperial Managed Logistics has used since its inception has served it well, and has seen exponential growth in the company’s business volumes. Indeed, its success has laid the groundwork for an entirely new division in the group, called Imperial Managed Solutions, which, as a major first step, has launched Managed Solutions West Africa, based in Nigeria.

We have always followed an approach of being asset-light, that is, not owning the trucks and the like we use, but rather sourcing these from the market. We, nevertheless, have full control over these assets and apply our intellectual capital to managing them in the most efficient way. This approach allows us to be more customer-centric and responsive to our customers’ needs. The success of the model is evident in the growth in annual loads from some 20 000 when the business was acquired by Imperial 18 years ago to some 300 000 currently,” says Johan Truter, CEO of the division.

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