Customer Care Champions are honoured at Imperial’s ILC3 Awards

3 November 2016

At Imperial Logistics’ annual customer care awards, Sarah Krüger of Imperial Health Sciences was named the group’s 2016 “Customer Care Champion”, in recognition of her outstanding work with client AstraZeneca.

Business Innovation Executive Anne-Marie van Wyk reveals that a total of 90 entries were received from across the Imperial Logistics group for the 2016 ILC3 Awards, as they have been dubbed. Now in their second year, these awards honour individuals who have elevated customer relationships to truly drive competitiveness, and who are committed to growing their customer’s business as if it was their own, she explains. “Customer relationship building has been identified as one of the focus areas of our strategy, because we recognise that customers are the reason for our existence,” she states.

Expanding on what Imperial is looking for in a customer care champion, van Wyk says that they exceed expectations with continuous improvement and innovation, and always ask what they can do differently, or better.

In addition to honouring Imperial’s overall customer care champion for the year, the awards feature additional categories that recognise achievers who are going the extra mile in specific areas within the customer service sphere. This year’s winner of the “Arrow Award for Customer Satisfaction” was Johnny le Roux of Imperial Cargo Solutions, who has worked tirelessly to meet and exceed the expectations of client Afrox, van Wyk reports.

The “Lightbulb Award for Innovation and Continuous Improvement” recognises the crucial role of innovation in the success of any organisation, and is awarded to an individual who is a constant source of creative inspiration and a catalyst for ongoing positive change. This year’s winner of the Lightbulb Award for Innovation & Continuous Improvement was James Manson of Resolve, for his work with PFG Building Glass.

Further awards presented were the “Pendulum Award for Knowledge Sharing”, the “Iron Heart Award for Best Management Practices” and the “Sunflower Award for Admirable Attitude”. Van Wyk explains that the Pendulum Award is so named because “a pendulum creates momentum and the recipient of this award likewise generates undeniable progress”.  Bruce Sneddon of Imperial Dedicated Contracts was the winner of this year’s Pendulum Award, for his work with PFG Building Glass, where he has consistently generated a positive reaction among those he engages with and proved himself an energetic force to be reckoned with.

The aptly named Iron Heart Award for Best Management Practices is presented to an individual with the courage needed to define and fearlessly implement the rules. This year it went to Naveen Kumar Pala from Imperial operation company, World Wide Commercial Ventures, in acknowledgement of the work he has done with Roche Products.

Haydon Wills of Imperial Dedicated Contracts and Maryke Wurm of CIC Namibia were this year’s joint winners of the Sunflower Award for Admirable Attitude, which recognises optimism and enthusiasm.

A new category introduced at this year’s second annual ILC3 Awards was the “Rising Star Award”, which was presented to Kyle Frey of Peak Instore, in recognition of his “most promising talent”.

“Connecting to your customers on an emotional level is key to establishing lasting business relationships,” van Wyk stresses. “Our ILC3 winners and finalists have all shown that they understand the importance of building strong bonds with customers; of going beyond simply delivering a service or product. I am confident that Imperial Logistics’ star will continue to rise, with customer care champions like these on our team,” van Wyk concludes.

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