Peak Instore performance builds Revlon brand

29 August 2016

A partnership with Peak Instore is helping global beauty brand Revlon to grow its market share.

Peak Instore, the experiential brand education division of the Imperial Logistics group, started working with Revlon in 2010, with 8 permanent roving make-up artists dedicated to educating, converting consumers and building the Revlon brand. The partnership has gone from strength to strength, and Peak Instore recently expanded its Revlon team to 22 talented ladies, who work in speciality retail around the country.

While offering shoppers make overs, workshops and running Revlon promotions, they are expertly educating South African consumers on the brand benefits, including the latest make up trends, colours, skincare regime, beauty tools and fragrances; delivering a significant return on investment for Revlon, Candice Meerholz, Peak Instore General Manager explains.
“They deliver an exceptional conversion rate from competitor brands and are also providing Revlon with invaluable insights from consumers, including competitor feedback.”

Meerholz says that Peak Instore’s Revlon team covers the top 300 “doors” – which refers to speciality and top-end retail stores that include Edgars, Foschini, Truworths and Dischem in the major Metropolis. “Our teams cover Gauteng, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Bloemfontein and call cycles are designed to spend a week in a store, where they set up a striking display that includes Revlon point of sale, promotional material, posters, their ‘Hollywood’ make-up stand and director’s chair. The unique service offers consumers a memorable experiential experience: offering consumers the opportunity to see and touch the products, to find out about the latest trends and receive a make up solution best for them.”

In addition to doing makeovers, they also co manage Revlon’s in-store counter staff, or “Brand Ambassadors”, Meerholz reveals. “The BA’s do not report to our Make-up Artists, but we assist the BA’s and act as an extra pair of eyes in store for our client.” 

The shopper and consumer surveys that are undertaken deliver vital data back to Revlon. “We recently surveyed our client’s new mascara range, obtaining feedback on the product and the advertising campaign. Our team of 22 ladies are capable of generating a lot of very valuable insights for our client,” she enthuses.

All trained make up artists, specifically recruited for their make up and beauty industry experience. The team members fit the glamorous brand image and profile, Meerholz notes. “When they join us, they undergo intensive Revlon training, as well as Peak training that encompasses sales and soft skills, as well as other proficiencies like image and body language.”

Peak Instore’s dedicated model means that its Revlon specialists are completely committed to the beauty brand they represent. “Peak does not offer syndicated solutions. There is no splitting of loyalty. Our commitment to the brands that we represent – including Revlon – is 100 percent,” Meerholz stresses. She adds that this permanent solution means that Peak Instore’s make-up artists view their work as their career. “These ladies are not part-time promoters. They are on a career path, with opportunities for development.”

She cites Peak employee Taryn Mostert as a true example of Peak Instore’s succession planning. “Taryn joined us as the first make-up artist for Revlon in 2010. Her hard work, skillset and unwavering commitment saw her promoted to Regional Manager in 2012, and this year, she was promoted to Operations Manager.”

“This is a true partnership between Revlon, Peak Instore and 22 exceptional ladies who are totally loyal to the brand, and who strive daily to inspire more and more South African women to share their passion and join the glamorous Revlon devotees around the globe,” Meerholz concludes.

Revlon was established in 1932, when brothers Charles and Joseph Revson, along with chemist CR Lachman, changed the beauty industry forever with a single product: a revolutionary nail enamel that came in colours other than red. Soon, the colourful, opaque shades were seen on women’s fingertips everywhere – including the cover of Vogue. Today, Revlon is a global company that offers cosmetics, hair colour, beauty tools, fragrances, skincare, anti-perspirant, deodorants and beauty care products. It is one of the strongest consumer brand franchises in the world and its products are sold in over 100 countries across six continents.

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