A new era in energy for Resolve

30 August 2016

In an effort to capitalise on the significant opportunities that exist in the fuel industry, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, Resolve (an Imperial Logistics Africa company) has partnered with SJS Energy to form a new business unit called Resolve Energy Solutions.

The new unit comprises key individuals from SJS Energy (Carol Savio and Tom Johnston), who plan to combine their significant expertise, knowledge and professional networks with Resolve’s supply chain and technology expertise, to unlock the estimated R1-billion of inefficiency that currently exists in the fuel industry.

The fuel industry is of critical importance to the entire southern African regional economy, which is significantly interconnected in terms of its energy market. There are regular cross-border flows of electricity, crude oil, liquid fuels and gas – over 8.5 billion litres of liquid fuels alone are traded cross-border in the region annually. Despite the size of and activity in the market, the industry still experiences a significant skills and knowledge shortage, particularly in the supply chain arena, which has led to the industry lagging behind in certain aspects of supply chain optimisation.

SJS Energy is no stranger to Resolve, having worked on a number of projects together to drive value differently in the fuel industry. The aim of Resolve Energy Solutions is to take the best practice that Resolve has developed in other industries and start introducing it in the fuel industry.   We believe that the new business unit can provide the oil industry with innovative services and technology as a differentiator.

Over the next few months, Resolve Energy Solutions plans to put this business synergy into practice through implementing benchmarking and looking at business opportunities in the supply chain that will deliver value for the oil industry. The team also wants to build on the current services that Resolve and Imperial offer their clients in the fuel industry, providing them with innovative 4PL solutions.

With extensive inter modal experience into Africa, including operational expertise in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, Resolve Energy Solutions expects bold moves in the region, and has high expectations for transforming the way the fuel industry optimises its supply chains going forward.

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