Imperial Logistics continues to expand in highly- specialised chemicals sector

4 March 2019

Imperial Logistics’ international business has expanded its European road tanker fleet in response to several years of strong business growth, and its successful entry into intermodal services in 2016.  

The company’s acquisition of 45 new tractor units and 55 tanker trailers will enable it to provide clients with dedicated equipment where required, counteracting the impact of frequent capacity shortages in the market.

Explains Imperial Logistics International CEO, Hakan Bicil: “Our chemical road transport business has experienced double digit, compound annual growth over the past four years, resulting from the positive performance of its top clients, and its focus on strategic accounts. 

“In addition, we expanded our product portfolio two years ago to include intermodal services; that has broadened our capabilities and further enhanced our appeal. The healthy economy and increased volumes have also played their part in our growth.

“This is our largest single vehicle acquisition to date, but such numbers are likely to be repeated in the future. It means we can now assist more of our clients with dedicated capacity to help overcome periodic shortfalls. This fleet expansion positions us well to increase our market share.“

The highly-specialised chemicals road transport division continues to order high-spec tractor units, with strong emphasis on safety features including blind spot assistance, and alcohol monitors that must be used before the vehicle can be started.

The new trailers meanwhile include fixed tankers and tankcontainer/chassis combinations, comprising mono and multi-chamber units - some of which are heatable, and others of which are rubber-lined for corrosive chemicals carriage.

The trailers also embody numerous safety features: such as ground operation, tyre pressure monitoring, “dead man’s handles”, limit valve encoders, stability systems, and immobilizers that prevent vehicle movement if ladders are lowered or bottom valves are open. Trailers destined for Imperial Logistics International’s Wildeshausen (Germany) facility, which handles various special chemicals, additionally feature pumps, level indicators and rear view cameras.

The new tractors bring Imperial Logistics‘ specialised chemical tanker division prime mover fleet to some 400 units in total, while the new tanker trailers increase its fleet to around 500 tankers and chassis, and 500 demountable tankcontainers.

With leading capabilities in the chemical industry, Imperial Logistics’ international business has over 50 years’ experience in road tanker operations. The business operates chemicals tankers from Duisburg, Gersthofen, Hildesheim, Leuna, Frankenthal, and Wildeshausen (Germany), and Bergschenhoek (Rotterdam, Netherlands). 

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