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Key facts Niedersächsische Verfrachtungsgesellschaft (NVG)

  • More than 100 years of experience in inland waterway shipping
  • Certified according to ISO 9001 and GMP B4
  • Main focus: bulk goods (coal, potassium derivates, animal fodder, grain and building materials)
  • Own fleet of 9 vessels plus 20 barge owner-operators
  • NVG focuses on chartering business on all European inland waterways
  • In the animal feed sector we provide for pickup from the production site, temporary storage and shipping either to a seaport or to the final consumer. We closely monitor all these activities.
  • Once we have organised inland waterway shipping for you, we offer you customised cargo handling services. No matter whether it’s a question of transporting equipment or regular deliveries to a power station – our team will find the right solution for you. In the ports of Hanover and Mehrum we are actively involved in the cargo handling business.


Niedersächsische Verfrachtungsgesellschaft mbH
Aegidiendamm 3
30169 Hannover

Telefon +49 511 262778-0
Fax +49 511 262778-27

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