Imperial Logistics Africa and Imperial Logistics International were consolidated as a single division with one management team, on 1 July 2016. With annual revenue of more than R50 billion, Imperial Logistics is currently recognised as the 27th largest third-party logistics groupin the world.

This position provides significant opportunities, as the division clarifies and aligns its value proposition to clients and employees across its portfolio of diverse businesses, which was grown by acquisition. The challenge of divisional consolidation is to retain the entrepreneurial excellence of its businesses, while unlocking the benefits of a more integrated business able to leverage the core linkages between verticals, geographies and capabilities. The transition to the new leadership structure introduced specialist divisional functions, including strategy and business development, mergers and acquisitions, finance and reporting, and information technology and innovation. It also achieved consistent reporting and measurement, which is facilitating strategic decision-making across the division.

Specifically, the emphasis on return on invested capital (ROIC) is enhancing the division's assessment of end-to-end profitability within different capabilities, sectors and contract types, to ensure focused capital allocation.

For detailed information view our Integrated Annual Report 2017.