Imperial Logistics

Our strategy

One Imperial Logistics

Our core strategic focus is to grow our African business and align our International portfolio to position the group as the “gateway to Africa” in the medium term. An integrated logistics and market access offering focused on Africa, leverages our powerful competitive advantages and capabilities, which will be concentrated mainly on the healthcare, consumer, chemicals, industrial and automotive industry verticals. From this focal point, our scope will extend to other emerging and selected developed markets, based on the relevance of our capabilities, scale benefits and client relationships.

Our unique African Regions network and capabilities make us an attractive strategic partner to multinational clients. Through leveraging this competitive advantage and refocusing our International portfolio, we are able to cross-sell our service offerings across our targeted regions.

Our strategic objectives in the short term are:

  • Continue to grow in Africa, adding new capabilities, entering new industry verticals and serving more countries/regions.
  • Strategically align our International portfolio with our core competitive advantage, being Africa.

Our strategic objectives, which will be executed through a phased approach, are:

  • Invest in international freight management (IFM) capabilities.
  • Invest in capabilities outside Africa that support the growth of target industry verticals in Africa -- mainly in healthcare, consumer, chemicals, industrial and automotive.
  • Expand our distributor capability geographically, augmenting our existing competencies and adding new capabilities will, over time, create cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.