Integrated Report 2020

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Our purpose

Our purpose is connecting Africa and the world and improving people's lives with access to quality products and services.

Uninterrupted and efficient supply chains mean survival, recovery, growth and development – essential to the economies in which we operate, supporting the lives and livelihoods of millions of people in our 26 countries of operation.

Imperial is a purpose-driven organisation focusing on people, profit and planet (ESG).

The COVID-19 crisis has emphasised why we exist, what we do, and how we do it matter – more so than ever before.

In these extraordinarily challenging times, our over 25 000 people are demonstrating that we are more than a business that only strives for sustainable revenue and targeted returns for our shareholders – we focus on people, profit and planet. We make a real difference to people's lives by providing essential services in key industries, and the implications of our strategy, social responsibility and sustainability for Africa's wellbeing are substantial.

Imperial's strategy leverages our competitive advantages in Africa, positioning the group as the 'Gateway to Africa' to our multinational clients, principals and customers. We give them access to some of the fastest growing and most challenging markets in the world, removing the complexity of operating in these markets and partnering with them to improve people's lives and the development of countries across the continent.

Our journey to transform from a regional portfolio of businesses to 'One Imperial', a provider of integrated, end-to-end market access and logistics solutions that deliver simplicity, flexibility and visibility to our clients and principals, is well underway. The transformation of our business, which requires a fundamental shift in our operating model, organisational structure, mindset and culture, aims to align the interests of our clients, principals and customers, our people and our shareholders in our pursuit of shared value.

Our core values

Our values inspire the desired mindset, behaviours and practices that promote the daily realisation of our purpose and shape the path to our vision of 'One Imperial'.

Towards sustainable shared value

Our strategy, and the pervasive business transformation it requires, is grounded in the 'outside-in' perspectives of our stakeholders and a detailed assessment of strategic, financial and industry trends, expectations and uncertainties. Our transformation will move the group definitively from its current state, which has not generated adequate returns or created value in recent years, to a future state in which we are positioned to unlock, create and sustain shared value for all our stakeholders over the long term.


    • We collaborate
    • We share ideas and  opportunities
    • We work and win  together to achieve  common goals
    • We hold each other  accountable
    • We earn each other’s  trust with transparency
    • We celebrate success  together
    • We take personal accountability for our performance and our behaviour
    • We are free to make a difference
    • We bring our whole selves to work
    • We will go beyond possibility
    • Our people’s safety comes first
    • We value diversity
    • We recognise and respect each other as adults and equals
    • We recognise performance and commitment
    • We encourage lifelong learning and growth
    • We provide opportunities to grow careers

    • Our clients, principals and customers are at the heart of all we do
    • We are fully focused on providing value to our clients,
      principals and customers
    • We act with integrity when we strive to add value
    • Our communities are better off because we are here
    • We expect to improve every day
    • We learn from our mistakes
    • Our entrepreneurial  spirit drives us to look for new ways of delivering value to our stakeholders
    • We go where others dare not go – we are pioneers

Envisioning 'One Imperial'

  • Sustainable trajectory of profitable growth through accelerated organic growth and selective strategic acquisitions, with revenue doubling over the next five years.
  • Responsive and responsible capital allocation that is forward looking and aligned to our strategic direction, to ensure long-term value creation.
  • Revitalised organisation with common and embedded values to unite and inspire our people, and transformed leaders who align our people and capabilities to our strategy.
  • 'One Imperial' culture that enables our people to deliver our strategic and operational objectives and promotes competitive differentiation, ethical conduct, diversity and inclusion, and accelerated innovation.
  • Optimal and integrated systems and practices with IT, digital and data initiatives at the heart of our enterprise, delivering new growth, a step-change in efficiency and the possibility of disruptive innovation.
  • Deep legitimacy in our industries and markets, with wide recognition as a trusted partner with exemplary standards of governance and ethics, remains a competitive advantage.
  • Purpose-driven organisation, focusing on people, planet and profit to create sustainable, long-term value for all stakeholders with ESG practices fully integrated as business as usual across the organisation.

We are strong and resilient.

We are One Imperial.

We are beyond possibility.