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Our expected outcomes


The time horizons – short, medium and long term – indicate when we expect to have achieved these outcomes.


Short term


Medium term


Long term

Financial capital

  • Client and principal value proposition proving effective with increased contract gains, renewals and pipeline.
  • Significant strategically aligned acquisitions expected to achieve our ‘Gateway to Africa’ strategy.
  • Positioning for sustainable revenue growth and targeted returns for our shareholders, in balance with investment in strategic transformation.
  • Measurable progress in ESG strategy will return commercial, funding, cost and reputational benefits.

Intellectual capital

  • ‘One Imperial’ strategic transformation will deliver an organisation capable of delivering our purpose and ‘Gateway to Africa’ strategy.
  • Digital and IT strategy will provide high-grade automation and standardised best-in-class IT systems – tailored to processes of clients, principals and customers.
  • Digital and data platforms and capabilities will deliver differentiation, efficiency, relevance, stronger brand and optimised capital and risk management.
  • Nine actively managed portfolio companies with the potential for commercial scale, competitive advantage and disruptive innovation.

Human capital

  • Independent reviews of board consistently confirm overall effectiveness.
  • Improved levels of engagement, relevant skillsets and collaboration enabling client-focused solutions, improved performance and accelerated growth.
  • ‘Gateway to Africa’ strategy has united and inspired employees through a shared sense of purpose and values alignment, and is proving attractive to prospective employees.
  • My Imperial People Way will drive consistency across all our people management and culture practices, and strengthen our employee value proposition.
  • Focus on talent management, including diversity and inclusivity, to leverage the unique strengths of a diversified workforce.
  • Committed to reskilling and upskilling employees for new roles, and to preserve as many jobs as possible as we transform and digitalise.
  • Commitment to ESG enhancing our employer brand and ability to attract top talent.

Manufactured capital

  • Efficient use of assets across our network supported by asset-right investments, and reduced fixed overheads and idle assets.
  • Evolution from asset-heavy, 3PL logistics player to an innovative, asset-right business.

Social and relationship capital

  • Significant direct and indirect value created for countries in which we work.
  • Improved quality of life for consumers through access to food, medication, fuel and other essential products and services in 20 African countries.
  • Support optimal supply chains of key industries that give millions of people decent jobs and drive socioeconomic growth in 25 countries.
  • Facilitate trade flows into, out of and within Africa, driving economic growth and the accessibility of continental markets.
  • Industry and market legitimacy are cornerstones of our competitive advantage.
  • Highest standards of business ethics, people and product safety, and care for communities and the natural environment underpins credibility among clients and principals, in industries with strict codes of propriety within their supply chains, and as a credible corporate citizen in our countries of operation
  • Focus on localisation drives local employment and supplier development.
  • B-BBEE rating provides significant benefits for our clients and our ability to compete for new business and retain clients, strengthens employer brand and ability to attract and retain talent.
  • Contribution to national objectives and community wellbeing as a responsible corporate citizen, focused on healthcare, education, safety and skills development.
  • Strengthen state capacity by rendering services, providing jobs and generating efficiencies and profits for reinvestment.

Natural capital

  • Continued effort to reduce environmental impacts.
  • Leveraging transfers of green technology and climate finance from advanced economies to developing ones, to advance solutions that create economic growth and export opportunities while lowering environmental impact.
  • Committed to achieving zero harm to the environment.