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Our purpose

The impacts of our purpose-led strategy, social responsibility and sustainability for Africa's wellbeing are substantial: we connect Africa and the world – and improve people's lives with access to quality products and services.

We can demonstrate that we are more than a business that strives for sustainable revenue, profits and targeted returns for our shareholders. Our strong focus on people, planet and profit is evident in the real difference we are making to Africa and her people. Through our solutions and contributions, we support the lives and livelihoods, and the aspirations for a better future of millions of people in our countries of operation.

Positioning Imperial for long-term value creation

Our ability to build, acquire and integrate businesses in some of the fastest growing and most challenging markets in Africa, as well as our leading positions as a strategic, integrated market access and logistics solutions partner to multinational and regional clients, principals and customers, is a key differentiator for Imperial.

We continue to record significant progress in our strategic journey to transform from a portfolio of regional businesses to an integrated, end-to-end market access and logistics business – with the strategic intent of becoming 'One Imperial' and a 'Gateway to Africa'. We are evolving from an asset-heavy, third-party logistics (3PL) player to an innovative, asset-right business, with diverse and highly skilled executive management teams and engaged and capable people. Top of mind is to ensure that Imperial remains a business of scale and that both organic and acquisitive growth are prioritised.

We seek to grow organically and through strategic acquisitions in Africa and other selected markets, to remain a business of scale that unlocks and grows value for our clients, principals, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders; even as we dispose of assets and restructure the group to align our assets, organisational design, processes and culture to our strategy. To leverage our expertise and experience on the continent, become a more client-centric organisation and position ourselves for the future – in full view of the unique risks and opportunities that Africa presents – our service offering focuses on combining our specialist capabilities with new technologies to deliver integrated and innovative solutions across our networks and regions in our chosen industries.

During the past 12 to 18 months, the strategic decisions and actions we have taken to reorganise, rationalise, simplify and improve our profitability and competitiveness, strengthen our balance sheet and grow our business has resulted in significant value being unlocked for our key stakeholders. The strategic progress we have achieved despite the challenges that COVID-19 placed on our day-to-day operations, and our resilient performance, is evidence that we are well positioned in the right markets and industries; and that we stand to benefit from the realisation, crystallised by the pandemic, of how critical uninterrupted supply chains are; and how important it is to ensure they are resilient, optimal and visible across industry value chains.

Imperial is a purpose-driven organisation, creating sustainable value through our focus on people, planet and profit.

Over the longer term, our strategy will position us uniquely to realise the compelling commercial opportunities, and to drive the socioeconomic and environmental development objectives of Africa, to the benefit of our people, partners and shareholders, and our clients, principals, customers, communities and countries.

The proposed offer from DP World Logistics FZE (DP World) bears testament to the significant progress we have made against our strategic priorities since 2019, as well as our strong presence, positioning, capabilities and networks in key markets in Africa and Europe (including the United Kingdom (UK)).

We are strong and resilient.
We are 'One Imperial'.
We go beyond possibility.

'One Imperial' dimensions of value


  • Reorganised business with embedded purpose and values to drive a 'One Imperial' culture that enables our people to deliver our strategic and operational objectives.


  • Deep legitimacy in our industries and markets, with wide recognition as a trusted brand with exemplary standards of service delivery, governance and ethics, with ESG fully integrated into daily business as a competitive advantage.


  • Ability to fully leverage unique competitive advantages centred on Africa to sustain profitable growth – through accelerated organic growth and selective strategic acquisitions in core and complementary capabilities and industries.
  • Optimised capital management and allocation approach, within means, covenants and risk tolerances – through strategically aligned, forward looking scenario planning and forecasting, and deep operational visibility.

Optimal and integrated systems and practices with IT, digital and data initiatives at the heart of the organisation, delivering new growth, a step-change in efficiency and effectiveness, data-driven decision making and disruptive innovation.

Our core values

We win with teamwork

  • We collaborate.
  • We share ideas and opportunities.
  • We work and win together to achieve common goals.
  • We hold each other accountable.
  • We earn each other's trust with transparency.
  • We celebrate success together.

Empowered people

  • We take personal accountability for our performance and our behaviour.
  • We are free to make a difference.
  • We bring our whole selves to work.
  • We go beyond possibility.

Our people matter

  • Our people's safety comes first.
  • We value diversity.
  • We recognise and respect each other as adults and equals.
  • We recognise performance and commitment.
  • We encourage lifelong learning and growth.
  • We provide opportunities to grow careers.

We go the extra mile

  • Our clients, principals and customers are at the heart of all we do.
  • We are fully focused on providing value to our clients, principals and customers.
  • We act with integrity when we strive to add value.
  • Our communities are better off because we are here.

We are innovative

  • We expect to improve every day.
  • We learn from our mistakes.
  • Our entrepreneurial spirit drives us to look for new ways of delivering value to our stakeholders.
  • We go where others dare not go – we are pioneers.


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