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Management principles and approach

Imperial operates on a decentralised management system that encourages the acquisition, nurturing and growth of large and small entrepreneurial business units, and strives to maximise the synergies between them.

The executive committee of the group oversees all operational activities, balancing the need for a strong entrepreneurial culture with sufficient and appropriate control and governance.

While the group operates according to a federal system, cohesion across businesses and divisions is achieved through nine unifying factors and eight controlling factors.

Unifying factors   Controlling factors

1. Commitment to people development


1. Delegation of authority policies within the group

2. Performance culture


2. Internal financial covenants, limits and a comprehensive financial measurement system

3. Social responsibility


3. An active executive board with oversight over all businesses

4. Transparency through good communication


4. Peer reviews and post-acquisition review system

5. Service excellence


5. Divisional finance and risk review committees and boards

6. Group business loyalty


6. Internal audit and group risk functions

7. We rally around our group brand


7. Reporting lines and common sense good governance

8. Financial responsibility and capital efficiency


8. Social, ethics and sustainability committee

9. Nurturing of and tolerance for entrepreneurial initiative



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