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Imperial’s resources


Imperial relies on its employees to sustain its growth, drive its strategic agenda and contribute to society through its various businesses. Over the years our workforce has grown from 1 720 people in 1987 when the company listed, to over 47 000 people we employ today in diverse industries across multiple locations.

Their combined effort, commitment and expertise is responsible for our past successes, and their collective knowledge has the greatest ability to positively impact our future performance. As a result, ongoing skills development is a business imperative in which we continue to invest.


The group owns most of its strategic operational properties and follows a philosophy of continually investing in these assets for further growth. Maintenance and replacement capital expenditure is closely monitored and timeously deployed. Expansion capital expenditure is driven by our strategy to grow our business but is balanced by the imperative of enhancing the returns on these investments. Our stockholding in our vehicle businesses is carefully monitored and we conduct detailed research on trends and buying patterns before ordering and launching new models. Our major assets include:

  • Property
  • Buildings and warehouses
  • Rental fleet
  • Transport fleet
  • Ships/barges
  • Inventories
  • Investments and loans advanced

Distribution and franchise rights

The group has a number of distribution and franchise operations, many of which compete with each other. They are independently managed under dedicated management teams. Our relationships and partnerships with principals and suppliers have been developed over a number of years and are key to our success. Distribution and franchise agreements which govern these relationships are therefore carefully managed.


We have a vast customer base that includes government, blue-chip companies across different industries, non-governmental organisations and individual consumers. Satisfying our customers is a key success factor and we strive to achieve the highest standards of quality, service and reliability. By doing so we seek to gain the trust, respect and loyalty of our customers, which will prove critical in securing our ongoing success.

Financial position

The group has a strong financial position with an equity base exceeding R15 billion. Net debt is R6,6 billion against total assets of R46 billion. Our treasury activities are directed by the assets and liabilities committee (Alco) with a primary focus on liquidity, interest rate and foreign exchange risk management.

The group’s liquidity position is strong with R6 billion in unutilised facilities. Altogether 69% of our debt is at a fixed interest rate. In addition to its banking facilities, the group has good access to capital markets and has raised bonds in the South African and European capital markets.

Total shareholders’ equity (R billion) Total assets (R billion)
Total shareholders’ equity (R billion) Total assets (R billion)
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