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Imperial deals with a wide range of stakeholders whose interest in the group extends beyond its financial performance and impacts on its employees, communities, customers, civil society and the environment. The company recognises the need to balance these long-term economic, social and environmental impacts with the drive to maximise profits.

Key sustainability information is included in the 2012 Integrated Report and this separate sustainability report is intended to provide stakeholder groups with more detailed data and information on how we are addressing the many social and environmental aspects associated with our business. It forms an important part of our overall communication plan and should be read in conjunction with our 2012 Integrated Report for a comprehensive overview of the group’s activities, practices and future strategies.

The report is intended to be read by both South African and international stakeholders. During the course of the year, as various events take place, we provide updates on selected material issues via media releases. This new information is also made publicly available on our website.


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