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In preparing this report we have considered our principal sustainable development risks and associated key performance indicators. Some changes have been made to the content, layout and order of the reports in accordance with feedback received from our wide stakeholder base.

This is the eighth report of this nature to be released by the group and the fourth using the latest Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines.

Much of the information contained herein is derived from internal reporting processes, systems and records. Every reasonable step has been taken to ensure that these systems deliver accurate data. However, with the exception of certain economic impacts, the report has not been externally verified.

Imperial’s five operating divisions are independently managed and operate within governance guidelines laid down by the board and the executive committee. The group does not, however, have extensive policies regulating these divisions as they operate in different industries and comply with governance standards appropriate to their industries.

Because of the decentralised management structure, certain information may be recorded and reported in different formats. Every effort has however been made to ensure this report meets the material concerns of our various stakeholder groups.


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