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Group structure

Imperial Holdings is a diversified, multi-national industrial services and retail group. It is founded on three strategic pillars:

  • Logistics
  • Car rental and tourism
  • Distribution, retailing and servicing of motor vehicles, industrial equipment and parts, and related financial services.

Within these pillars, the group operates a wide range of vertically integrated businesses. These are involved in the distribution of vehicles, parts, industrial equipment and aircraft, the sale of new and used vehicles, car rental, tourism, insurance and financial services, and transport, warehousing, specialised freight and supply chain solutions including multi-modal networks covering inland waterway, rail road and ship chartering.

All of these operations are in growing markets, with considerable potential for expansion into allied services and relevant new geographies.

Employing 47 000 people, the group actively encourages entrepreneurship, innovation and industry best practice.

Listed on the JSE since 1987, Imperial Holdings had a market capitalisation of approximately R41 billion on 21 August 2012.

Imperial Holdings


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