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Human rights

We recognise our responsibility for addressing human rights issues, safeguarding human rights within our sphere of influence and encouraging all parties with whom we do business to observe laws and regulations governing human rights.

Imperial subscribes to the principles embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and in the constitution of the Republic of South Africa. The group also supports the four key groupings fundamental to the rights of human beings at work, identified by the International Labour Organisation:

  • Freedom of association
  • The abolition of forced labour
  • Equality
  • The elimination of child labour

Imperial and Ukhamba Community Development Trust

Each Imperial division contributes to the Imperial and Ukhamba Community Development Trust, which recognises that each child in South Africa needs access to a good quality education if they are to escape the bonds of poverty and hopelessness.

The primary aim of the Trust is to assist selected schools in previously disadvantaged communities with curriculum development and extracurricular activities, so that these institutions can provide the learners with a well balanced holistic education that empowers them to reach their educational and personal potential, while nurturing their self-confidence and self-esteem.

There are presently eight beneficiary schools, situated in the south of Johannesburg where the unemployment rate is very high. They are the Zakarriya Park Primary and High Schools, Finetown Primary School, Rekghutlile Primary School, Tshepana Primary School, Leshata Secondary School, Qalabotjha Secondary School and the John Orr Technical High School.

The Trust plays a hands-on role in uplifting education in the beneficiary schools, ensuring that learners have sufficient stationery and that educators have access to suitable teaching resources and materials, receive curriculum training and are assisted by teacher mentors. The Trust also assists in establishing libraries at the adopted schools, and to expose learners to a range of cultural, sporting and extracurricular activities.

This holistic approach to learner development ensures that individual children benefit not only from improved education, but also from important life skills and increased self-esteem, which will ultimately make them more employable.

This investment in the education of the next generation is not only a social responsibility, but a business imperative too and one that will secure ongoing talent for Imperial’s business in the future.

We do not allow any of our operations, parts or infrastructure, to be used in ways that would enable violations of human rights and encourage all entities with which we do business to observe laws and internationally recognised labour rights standards, ensure training and education on labour rights for employees, and to refrain from knowingly employing anyone who has contributed to the violation of labour rights.

Accordingly, the group is committed to:

  • adhering to sound corporate governance principles and ethical and fair business practices
  • respecting the fundamental human dignity of its employees
  • ensuring equality of all its employees and ensuring safe and healthy working conditions
  • ensuring the right of freedom of association and freedom of expression of its employees and preventing any form of discrimination
  • prohibiting the use of all forms of slave labour, child labour and forced labour
  • respecting the civil, cultural, economic, political and social rights of its employees and observing fair labour practices

We will not hesitate to terminate agreements and relationships with contractors or suppliers that contravene international human rights standards and, in particular, use forced labour or prohibited child labour.

All cases involving discrimination complaints that were received during the year were investigated, disciplinary hearings held and, where allegations were substantiated and the circumstances warranted it, the offending employees were dismissed.

No instances have been identified where freedom of association or collective bargaining have been found to be at material risk.

No operations have been identified as having a significant risk of child labour or forced or compulsory labour.


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