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In choosing the topics included in the report, we considered the requirements, expectations and concerns of our various external and internal stakeholder groups, and selected and prioritised these in line with what is most relevant to our business and where our business has the most material impact. Each of these material impacts is reported on using certain Global Reporting Index (GRI) and other key indicators.

In identifying and prioritising our material topics, we were guided by:

  • feedback obtained from stakeholder groups through the various engagement platforms detailed above
  • the key business sustainability risks, identified through our integrated risk management process and outlined in the company risk register
  • the GRI’s guidelines which define materiality as information that “should cover topics and indicators that reflect the organisation’s significant economic, environmental, and social impacts, or that would substantively influence the assessments and decisions of stakeholders”
  • the principles of King III, including the ‘apply or explain’ principle.

Materiality was also determined on an operational basis to provide meaningful and transparent information to stakeholders. Where we have made assumptions on data reflected in the report, we deal with those assumptions and calculations in the particular area of reporting.

For further information on how material issues relate to stakeholder groups and strategic interventions, please see the “How to use this report” section in the “About this report” chapter.

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