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Corporate Information


TS Gcabashe*, (Chairperson) BA (Botswana), MURP (Ball State Univ,
USA), PED, IMD Lausanne
HR Brody, BAcc (Hons), CA(SA)
T Dingaan, BProc, LLB, LLM, HDip (Tax)
S Engelbrecht*, BSc, MBL, MDP (Insead)
RL Hiemstra, BCompt (Hons), CA(SA)
P Langeni*, BCom (Acc)
MJ Leeming*, BCom, MCom, FCMA, FIBSA, AMP (Harvard)
MV Moosa, BSc
RJA Sparks*, BCom (Hons), CA(SA), MBA
A Tugendhaft (Deputy chairperson), BA, LLB
Y Waja*, BCom, CA(SA)
* Independent

MJ Lamberti (Chief Executive), BCom, MBL (Wits), PPL (Harvard), CD (SA)
M Akoojee, BAcc (Hons), CA(SA), CFA
OS Arbee (Chief Financial Officer), BAcc, CA(SA), HDip(Tax)
MP de Canha
PB Michaux
GW Riemann (German)
JJ Strydom, BBus Sc, FIA, CFA, MBA
M Swanepoel, BCom Acc (Hons)

Executive committee
MJ Lamberti (Chairperson), M Akoojee, OS Arbee, MP de Canha,
BJ Francis, PB Michaux, JJ Strydom, M Swanepoel

Audit committee
MJ Leeming (Chairperson), T Dingaan, P Langeni, RJA Sparks,
Y Waja

Remuneration and Nomination Committee
RJA Sparks (Chairman), TS Gcabashe, P Langeni,
A Tugendhaft

Risk Committee
Y Waja (Chairperson), OS Arbee, N Bell, S Engelbrecht, BJ Francis,
RL Hiemstra, MJ Lamberti, MJ Leeming, A Osman, G Rudman, A Tennick

Social, Ethics and Sustainability Committee
MV Moosa (Chairperson), B Adam, OS Arbee, MP de Canha, BJ Francis,
TS Gcabashe, MJ Lamberti, R Levin, MR Sharfuddin, M Swanepoel,
A Tugendhaft, RA Venter

Assets and Liabilities Committee
HR Brody (Chairperson), OS Arbee, RL Hiemstra, MJ Lamberti, MJ
Leeming, R Mumford, WF Reitsma, JJ Strydom, M Swanepoel

Group Internal Audit Executive
G Nzalo, BCom, CA (SA), CIA

Group Treasurer
WF Reitsma, BTech Banking, MCom, FIBSA, CAIB, PBSA, FIFM

Group Legal Advisor and Company Secretary
RA Venter, BCom, LLB, LLM


Group Risk Executive
BJ Francis, BCompt (Hons), CIA

Group Head of sustainability
MR Sharfuddin, BBA, IMP (Insead)

Business address and registered office
Imperial Place
Jeppe Quondam
79 Boeing Road East

Postal address and contact numbers
PO Box 3013

Telephone +27 (0) 11 372 6500
Facsimile +27 (0) 11 372 6550

Name and registration number
Imperial Holdings Limited

Share transfer secretaries
Computershare Investor Services (Pty) Ltd
70 Marshall Street

PO Box 61051

Telephone +27 (0)11 370 5000
Facsimile +27 (0)11 370 5487



JSE information
Ordinary share code: IPL
ISIN: ZAE000067211
Preference share code: IPLP
ISIN: ZAE000088076

Shareholders’ diary  
Final dividend payment: 29 September 2014
Annual general meeting: 4 November 2014
Interim results released: 24 February 2015
Interim dividend payment: 30 March 2015
Final results released: 26 August 2015
Final dividend payment: 28 September 2015