Automotive industry

Automotive industry in overview

The global automotive industry is rapidly changing with new technologies and emerging entrants redefining how consumers buy, own, use and drive cars. Differentiated mobility solutions are being developed by these new entrants, forcing a change in products and business models.

There is a need to improve and align digital platforms, leverage data and integrate channels to enable a fully integrated customer journey. Transforming the customer experience to one that is digital, omnipresent and omnichannel, and reflects the customer experiences that consumers enjoy from retail, banking and a host of other industries, remains the relevant theme. Consumers are demanding technology that is smarter, simpler and in line with consumer needs.

According to the South African Export Manual 2018, published by the Automotive Industry Export Council, the automotive industry is one of the most important sectors in South Africa, contributing more than 6% to the country's gross domestic product (GDP) and accounting for more than 13% of South Africa's total export value, making it a crucial cog in the economy. The South African automotive supply chain includes manufacturing, distribution, retail, finance, insurance and maintenance and servicing. Motus currently operates in all segments of the vehicle value chain other than manufacturing.

The automotive industry is a vital part of the United Kingdom (UK) economy accounting for more than £80 billion turnover. Despite Brexit-related consumer concerns, the UK new car market has remained stable and Motus' operations have performed to expectations. The UK automotive market has experienced a shift in market segment over the past decade, and the most popular vehicle choices are superminis, small family cars and small utility vehicles (SUVs) (dual purpose).

The Australian new vehicle market has shown steady growth over the past decade, with rising consumer confidence, population growth and low unemployment all having a direct impact. SUV sales continue to drive the passenger vehicle market due to the wide range of SUVs now being offered by manufacturers in the country.

Country Total
vehicle sales
vehicle sales
1 000 people
Vehicle parc
Australia 1 178 133   1 188 677 718 17,2
South Africa 547 546   557 701 176 12,2
UK 3 123 755   2 955 182 587 38,2
Global 93 905 634   96 804 390 182 1 282,3

Source: The South African Automotive Export Manual 2018.

Motus is well positioned, due to its scale and scope, expertise and relationships, to anticipate the changes and respond with the necessary innovations. Specifically, its strong relationships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) will support its ability to respond quickly to their changing requirements. Furthermore, the financial services business has a proven track record in improving customer engagement through innovative channel and product development, underpinned by its data analytics capabilities.