Motus is focused on delivering new IT solutions that drive growth opportunities and strengthen competitive differentiation, as well as realise operational effectiveness by introducing cost and productivity efficiencies.

We are driving a philosophy of 'best-fit' systems per division, while sharing common infrastructure and access, where appropriate. During the reporting year, all divisions reviewed and aligned their IT strategies to support their strategic business objectives.

We operate five core architecture systems, namely one for Import and Distribution, two for Retail and Rental, and one each for Financial Services and Aftermarket Parts. The five systems are run independently and protect the proprietary information that is competitively sensitive to the brands. Where feasible, certain links exist to facilitate functions such as vehicle financing.

Our growth through acquisition has meant that Motus operates a number of legacy and decentralised IT systems and infrastructure. To reduce complexity, duplication and cost, we are rationalising our systems while ensuring that cybersecurity is in place and IT systems are not compromised. In addition, the split away from Imperial Holdings, requires that we move primary IT services like risk, finance and governance systems off the Imperial Logistics infrastructure and onto a new common network and server infrastructure layer for Motus.

During the year, we worked to strengthen the IT governance framework. The Motus group chief information officer (CIO) provides reports to the Motus finance, risk and review committee, a board committee that oversees and monitors IT strategy, risk and major projects. Each division has a centralised IT department which reports to the Motus CIO and CIOs are in place for Car Rental, Aftermarket Parts and Financial Services. The Motus IT security officer is responsible for setting and overseeing the implementation of board-approved IT governance policies which apply across Motus. During the year, a new commercial and governance IT position was created to oversee vendor management and day-to-day IT processes.

For more information on innovation, see differentiated customer experience.

Link to material issues  
Opportunity   Strong customer relationships and brand loyalty based on engaging experiences driven by technology advances, efficient processes and accurate and relevant information.
Risks and challenges  
  • IT-related events, changes and updates that may affect service reliability and availability.
  • Complex IT system infrastructure.
  • Availability of skills and expertise to drive new technologies.
  • Increasing incidents of cybercrime globally.
Boundary   All Motus entities.
Areas of focus
Ensure effective systems that support business areas
Provide capable and enabled end-user computing and capability
Achieve efficiencies in business-as-usual processes
Provide appropriate support
Drive policies and governance to mitigate risk
  • Continue to maintain and upgrade core architecture systems.
  • Import and Distribution: supply chain enablement to support better planning and visibility and achieve cost savings.
  • Retail: implement front-end web-based systems to improve e-commerce capabilities.
  • Car Rental: upgrade core transaction and finance systems.
  • Aftermarket Parts: consolidated catalogue systems to provide access to all products across businesses and support geographic growth.
  • Motor-Related Financial Services: new system to administer insurance policies and extending the data warehouse.
  • Provide website portals and mobile applications (apps) that engage customers and add value to the businesses. For example, apps that assist the vehicle inspection process and marketing initiatives that use virtual reality solutions.
  • Partner with innovative software developers.
  • Project underway to move core email and end-user computing onto Office 365, impacting over
    15 000 employees.
  • Merge and consolidate back office functions and centralise shared services across Motus, where appropriate.
  • Project underway to implement a core human capital management and payroll system for the whole of Motus.
  • Expand strategic IT capability to support business insight and reporting, and innovation in sales platforms, social media, data gathering and analytics.
  • Continue to improve network capability and connectivity. A project to upgrade network bandwidth and wifi capability is underway.
  • Develop skills in new technology areas.
  • Standardise and embed IT governance and information policies, focusing on IT reporting and security.
  • Manage business continuity of systems (stability and change controls, and backup and disaster recovery procedures).
  • Ongoing cyber risk assessments and monthly security reporting. Cybersecurity guidelines have been implemented.