Group key features

Continuing revenue*


to R49,7 billion

Continuing operating profit*


to R2,5 billion

Excluding once-off costs, operating profit



Continuing HEPS


to 542 cents per share

Continuing EPS


to 26 cents loss per share

* Excluding discontinued operations and businesses held for sale.

Free cash conversion

of 72%

(2018: 87%)

Net debt to EBITDA

of 1,6 times

(2018: 1,5 times)

ROIC of 10,4% against WACC

of 10,2%

(2018: ROIC of 12,2% versus WACC of 8,5%)

Free cash inflow**
(post maintenance capex)

of R1,4 billion

(2018: R1,3 billion)

Final cash dividend

109 cps

total FY19 dividend 244 cps 45% of continuing HEPS

** Total Logistics excluding Motus.

Note: Return on invested capital (ROIC) and weighted average cost of capital (WACC) are calculated on a rolling 12-month basis.

Total company

Operating profit
Headline earnings per share

Note: Figures are for continuing operations only.