Imperial Logistics

Skills development

Our long term sustainability depends on leaders who understand the industries within which we work and the strategies of our clients – and who have the ability to motivate and lead teams of highly skilled employees. Leadership development, succession planning and the development of a strong talent pipeline are therefore key priorities.

In difficult conditions, retaining employee depth when there is pressure to extract more value from a smaller workforce is challenging. We operate a labour intensive business and must continuously work to create an environment that is attractive to new employees and retains existing employees.

A motivated and skilled workforce is essential in achieving our objectives to:

Imperial Logistics is actively pursuing developmental outcomes for the economy, industry and our people through our skills development initiatives. Being aligned with the National Skills Development Strategy III, we work together with industry and professional bodies, supporting our people in a very real way with skills training, career progression and personal development. Skills development within Imperial Logistics operates across various levels, from facilitating workplace entry and tertiary education support to industry collaboration and research. A critical element is its broad range of in-house supply chain management training that enables the Group to develop foundational, intermediate and high-level SCM skills. The inhouse learning framework consists of Leadership Development Programmes; Management Development Programmes; Learnerships; Skills Programmes; Diesel Mechanic Apprenticeships and an array of short courses and supply chain management and logistics events.

Imperial Logistics also offers a well-entrenched graduate development and intern programme. Graduates are recruited annually from tertiary educational institutions in the disciplines of Logistics, Financial Management (CIMA) and Industrial Engineering. Graduates are placed within the various Imperial Logistics operating companies and complete a structured internship programme, combined with a management development programme. The programme is complemented by a mentoring scheme.

Our African talent management programmes ensure that our leadership capability is future fit. Strategic talent reviews are undertaken quarterly to identify potential successors for our strategically critical positions. Our senior managers are assessed using psychometric and behavioural assessments, following which they are provided with comprehensive coaching feedback supported by talent conversations with their line managers. Together these procedures culminate in a personal development plan for each individual.

In our international operation, our leadership guideline outlines the competencies that make our leaders successful and is used as a basis for leadership development interventions. Our succession programme develops middle managers identified as potential successors for top management positions. The “Develop Yourself” and “Develop Your Company” programmes focus on developing young professionals, defined as individuals younger than 35 who are talented.