IMPERIAL’s underlying premise is that sustainability is not separate from, but part of the IMPERIAL DNA and the way we do business.

At IMPERIAL we welcome and embrace sustainable development through action that ensures the alignment of our corporate behaviour with the long term interests of all our stakeholders.

IMPERIAL’s strategic, leadership, operational, financial and governance imperatives continue to evolve in concert with the more demanding environment our organisation faces. Our strategies as a parent are supportive and precise in adding value to subsidiaries. Our leadership pipeline must be strengthened and transformed to enhance succession and diversity. Our operations must reach new standards of efficiency and productivity in a digital world. Our financial performance must ensure adequate risk adjusted returns as we enter less developed jurisdictions. And our governance structures must resist bureaucratic paralysis as they respond practically to an increasing regulatory burden in more countries.

The capabilities and resources devoted to sustainability are part of, and not an adjunct to, our everyday efforts. These are the cornerstones of IMPERIAL’s sustainability.

We constantly conduct comprehensive external analysis of our operating environment, on environmental, social and governance strategy. We constantly review initiatives underway and highlight areas of improvement.