Imperial Logistics


As an employer, supplier, client, taxpayer and investor, Imperial Logistics ranks among South Africa’s larger companies, with a direct or indirect impact on tens of thousands of lives in our operations around the world. We are mindful that the effects of our commercial activities on broader society are potentially significant and we strive at all times to exercise due care in our dealings with stakeholders. We therefore subscribe to the view that corporate sustainability is founded on accountability for decisions that impact people, the planet and profits in the long term.

We have six sustainable development priorities at Imperial Logistics:

  1. To continually improve integrated and customised services by building client partnerships and enhancing competitive advantage through digitisation and supplier assessment.
  2. To develop effective leadership and empowered people by maturing human capital management processes and practices, talent management and development and promoting workforce diversity.
  3. To ensure stakeholder health and safety through health and safety management and compliance and product responsibility
  4. Maintaining ethical business practices with regulatory compliance and guarding against corruption, managing effective labour relations and protecting human rights in the African Regions.
  5. Being locally relevant in markets of operation by accelerating transformation progress in South Africa and ensuring local relevance.
  6. Minimising our environmental footprint by ensuring environmental compliance and awareness and through energy consumption and emissions efficiency as well as water and waste management.