Imperial Logistics

Transformation strategy


For Imperial to be recognised as a leader in the development of human capital at all levels, with the prime objective in South Africa, being the closer alignment of the group’s employee and leadership profile with the national demography

Core initiatives

To develop employees and prepare them for promotion whilst ensuring cultural readiness for changes throughout the group.

To attract and promote talented black employees to suitable positions.

People development and cultural readiness
Promotion and retention

Supported by the group executive and people development function

Governance, monitoring, review and assurance

Human rights policy

Imperial subscribes to the highest international standards when it comes to the protection of human rights. These include principles embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and in the South African constitution.

We encourage all entities with which we do business to observe laws and internationally recognised labour rights standards, ensure training and education on labour rights for employees and to refrain from knowingly employing anyone who has contributed to the violation of labour rights. We will not hesitate to terminate agreements and relationships with contractors or suppliers who contravene international human rights standards and, in particular, use forced labour or prohibited child labour.

All cases involving discrimination complaints that were received during the year were investigated, disciplinary hearings held if appropriate and, where allegations were substantiated and the circumstances warranted it, the offending employees were dismissed.

No instances have been identified where freedom of association or collective bargaining have been found to be at material risk. None of our operations have been identified as having a significant risk of child labour or forced or compulsory