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Facts about Wijgula

  • Founded in 1922, Wijgula has become one of the leading inland tanker shipping companies specialised in the transport of various liquid bulk goods, especially chemical products.
  • The inland shipping company NAVITANK N.V., which has been founded in 1968 in Gent, is since 1993 part of Wijgula
  • Management of 60 modern double-hulled tankers varying in size and onboard equipment
  • Well-trained employees
  • Transport of dangerous liquid goods and non-ADN Foods on the European inland waterways for the chemical and metallurgical industries and the trade sector
  • Decades of experience


As an inland tanker shipping company responsible for the safe transport of liquid goods, we attach great importance to having qualified, well-trained personnel – on board our vessels – and in the office.

Training of the vessel crew:

Our captains and other crew members are experienced employees with appropriate training and qualifications. Thus, we believe that ongoing in-service personnel training is essential. Every year courses on safety measures, quality measures, changes to ADN provisions, handling familiar and new transport goods, first aid, communication, etc. are conducted.

Besides this there are other regular training courses for employees in which they receive detailed information on rule changes, safety measures, ADN developments, environmental subjects, EBIS, personnel matters, etc.

Quality assurance

The proven Wijgula quality management system has been certified according to the ISO 9001 standard since 1992. (ISO 9001:2008)

A continuous process of improvement with respect to the ability and efficiency of the quality management system is guaranteed by having an annual evaluation by the management and an audit by GL Systems Certification. The quality management system is supervised by the quality manager together with the certified accident prevention officer.

Wijgula’s safety, health and environment guidelines are implemented in our everyday operations in a way that ensures that our customers’ demands are fully met. All employees are kept fully informed about changes to relevant regulations, handling of goods, and technical developments. The employees’ health and safety and environmental protection are always key priorities at Wijgula.

Our qualified employees regularly evaluate our vessels’ quality and safety standards. To guarantee continual improvement of the quality system, all internal and external anomalies are registered and, where necessary, appropriate action is taken. Wijgula is well-prepared for emergency situations. An expert team is 24 hours on stand-by.

Other important aspects for the further development of corporate policy are the participation of a number of employees in the various international working groups and close cooperation with relevant authorities.

Head office

Wijnhoff & Van Gulpen & Larsen B.V. (Wijgula)

Waalbandijk 123
6651 KB Druten
The Netherlands

Phone +31 487 587-600
Fax +31 487 587-693


24-h Hotline

Wijgula B.V.
Phone +31 487 587-611

Ship list

Wijgula ship list

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