Your vehicle is not a child-safe zone - you have to make it safe with a car seat.

Baby Seats


designed for babies from birth to 9kg.


designed for babies from birth to 13kg.

Usually have a 3 point harness and plastic buckle.

Not designed for long periods of sleep.
  • Always install a baby seat rear facing.
  • Blue markers indicate installation with a seat belt - blue is for babies.

Toddler Seats


designed for toddlers from 9kg to 18kg. Your child should be able to sit strong by now and will enjoy the more upright position. They want to see where you are going and interact with their world.

Have a 5 point harness and a metal buckle with a plastic casting.

  • Toddler seats recline for comfort when sleeping.
  • Red markers indicate forward facing installation - red is for rascals. Toddler seats remain installed in the vehicle.

Booster Seats


designed for children from 18kg or absolute minimum of 15kg if you have a tall skinny child.

Your child is now strong enough to sit with a seat belt, but not tall enough yet.

  • A belt adjusting boosting seat with a back is advisable until your child has outgrown the highest adjustment of the seat. This is gives maximum side impact protection.
  • Red markings indicate where the seat belt goes. Never allow your child to put the shoulder belt behind their backs or under their arm - very dangerous!

At birth a baby’s skull and spine configuration is not fully developed. The soft fontanel is something we are all familiar with. The back and horizontal angle of the seat is designed to protect the baby’s spine and neck during a collision.

Rear facing until the age of 2 is the first prize if your vehicle has the space and your seat belt is long enough, forward facing is acceptable after 13kg.

Booster seats raise your child so that they can see out of the window and bring the seat belt down to their shoulder height. The shoulder belt must pass over the middle of their shoulder, away from the neck and across the chest. The lap belt must go over the lap and hips - never across the tummy.


Can you sit with your hips against the back of the seat?
Do your knees bend comfortably at the edge of the seat?
Does the belt cross the centre of your shoulder and is the lap belt low, touching the tops of your legs?
Can you sit like this the entire trip?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions you need to keep using your booster.

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