Integrated Report 2020

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Our business model

We are transforming into ‘One Imperial’ group that is structured, equipped and optimised to leverage our unique competitive advantages. This will enable us to achieve our aspirations to grow sustainable revenue and achieve targeted returns, deepen our competitiveness and relevance, and retain our industry and market legitimacy thereby unlocking value for all our stakeholders.

Imperial‘s unique Market Access business and heightened focus on digital and data are key differentiators in our markets. Combined with our strong logistics expertise and our legitimacy in our industries and markets, we create longstanding relationships with multinational clients – the springboard for shared value creation.

Our inputs

  • Total shareholders’ equity of R8,3 billion (F2019: R8,2 billion).
  • Net debt:EBITDA1 (excluding IFRS 16 and before proceeds from sale of European shipping) of 2,8 times (F2019: 2,0 times) – well below our covenants of 3,25 times.
  • Creating value for shareholders by generating sustainable returns and cash flow over time.
  • Strong balance sheet management.
  • Capacity for growth – R4 billion to R5 billion available.
  • Strong cash and liquidity position with R13,2 billion of available facilities and cash following the receipt of the proceeds from the sale of the European shipping business.
  • Over 25 000 employees, excluding consumer packaged goods (CPG) and European shipping.
  • Transformative strategy underpinned by our ‘One Imperial’ culture journey and clear people proposition.
  • Proven leadership team, led by a strong and diverse board.
  • Invest in developing and retaining top talent.
  • Responsible management of organisational change and restructuring.
  • Aligning processes, including the roll-out of a single finance, human resources (HR) and communications system.
  • USD20 million innovation fund, in partnership with Newtown Partners, invests in disruptive innovation for competitive advantage.
  • Accelerated investment in digital and data as a core focus of our strategy.
  • Leverage data from route-to-market activity.
  • Scale and footprint across 26 countries, including digital platforms.
  • Ongoing focus on reducing asset intensity.
  • The transport fleet of subcontractors that provide flexibility in responding to client and principal requirements.
  • National transport infrastructure and utilities required to operate.
  • Fully integrated route-to-market offering.
  • Clear value proposition to clients, principals and customers offering simplicity, flexibility, resilience and visibility.
  • Purpose-driven organisation focusing on people, profit and planet.
  • Recognised industry, market and country legitimacy, with increasing brand equity.
  • Strong in-country stakeholder relationships.
  • Integrating ESG practices into ‘business as usual’.
  • Responsible business practices protect against adverse environmental impacts.
1 EBITDA: Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation.

Our outputs

End-to-end integrated service offering across the logistics value chain

Our outcomes

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Our operating context
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Governance and corporate citizenship

Our governance and control principles and structures enable and protect value and legitimacy in our markets and industries.

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Delivering our strategy

Our strategy is designed to deliver sustainable growth and targeted returns, to deepen competitiveness and relevance, and retain market and industry legitimacy.

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Risks and opportunities

Our risk approach aims to integrate risk management practices into our strategy to support the achievement of our transformational business objectives.

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