Investment highlights

Regional market positions

South Africa
African Regions
Logistics revenue
Logistics revenue
Logistics revenue
Logistics operating profit
Logistics operating profit
Logistics operating profit
  • Leading 3PL provider with specialised end-to-end capabilities enabling value-add logistics and supply chain management solutions in consumer packaged goods (CPG), chemicals and energy, mining and manufacturing, automotive and healthcare industries.
  • Potential to grow its integrated solutions offerings and extend its industry leadership as the 3PL market matures.
  • Provides unique route-to-market solutions and is strongly positioned in Southern, East and West Africa in the defensive high-growth industries of healthcare (with leading market positions in Kenya and Nigeria) and CPG (with leading market positions in Namibia and Mozambique).
  • Managed Solutions operating model, which leverages South African expertise, is highly relevant for the under-developed and fragmented markets in the region.
  • Provides an established international contract logistics platform in Germany, with specialist capabilities in automotive (leading positions in Germany and Poland) and chemicals (leading positions in the Netherlands and Germany).
  • Market leader in express palletised distribution services in the United Kingdom and Iberia.
  • Leading market share in inland waterway transportation.
  • Positioned for international expansion.
Competitive differentiation centred on agility and customisation

Key facts

A significant mover of products
South Africa
African Regions
2,5 million

CPG deliveries annually
to more than 50 000 points
in South Africa.

R60 billion

worth of product delivered
to retail outlets.

3 billion litres

of fuel delivered.

1,6 million tons

of packaging moved.


Provide point of care and retail
deliveries to >600 points in Kenya,
700 in Ghana and more than
52 000 across Nigeria.

More than 43 million
patient packs of medicine delivered
across Africa every month
– including >6 million antiretrovirals.

60 million tons
of goods moved by shipping
business in a single year.

Western Europe’s largest
provider of express palletised
distribution services, handling

10 million pallets a year.
Enabled >4 000 store openings
for leading global retailers.


Supported by an established infrastructure and network
  • South Africa's largest cold storage warehouse with over 37 000 pallet locations.
  • Around 3,2 million square metres (m2) of storage capacity.
  • Operate 12 logistics control towers in five countries.
  • 600 inland vessels and barges.
  • More than 20 automotive warehouses in Europe deliver value-add logistics for the annual production of over 2,3 million cars.
  • At 178 000 m2, we operate the largest automotive spare parts warehouse in the world.
  • Leader in the European chemical industry with >60 tankers, 17 gas tanker vessels and 23 specialised warehouses.

Competitive differentiation centred on agility and customisation

Competitive differentiation centred on agility and customisation

Our specialised capabilities across the logistics value chain allow us to deliver customised and integrated solutions to our clients, with service offerings and operating models tailored to their requirements and market maturity.

Ability to provide
locally relevant,
asset-right solutions
per client requirements
arrow blue  
  • Ability to customise offerings by geography, channel or product segment.
  • In-depth market knowledge, both in difficult but high-growth African markets, and advanced markets in Europe, underpins ability to apply relevant and effective operating models per region, customised to local market dynamics and available expertise.
  • Ability to develop specialised capabilities and legitimacy (by complying with industry and national requirements and objectives) in highly competitive and demanding industries.
  • Significant progress made in aligning dedicated specialised assets to service longstanding contracts with clients in less cyclical industries.
Evolution of
capabilities towards
greater scope and
integration of
outsourced services
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  • Ability to execute value-add logistics activities on behalf of clients either as point solutions or integrated solutions, depending on their requirements, defends existing revenue streams.
  • Focused on deepening partnerships with clients by optimising their supply chains, lowering their total logistics costs and strengthening their relevance and competitiveness, supporting contract retention and scope expansion, and countering commoditisation and price taking.
  • Unique ability to provide access to end-consumers in challenging markets through route-to-market solutions provides significant growth opportunity.
Proven ability to apply
relevant and effective
strategic approaches
to market and industry
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  • Opportunities to develop, transfer or strengthen specialised capabilities and integrated offerings in selected markets and industries.
  • Deep understanding of client needs, longstanding relationships and proven legitimacy (in demanding industries) can be leveraged to grow in selected markets and industries.
  • Development of proprietary market aggregation model to provide access to smaller markets in the African Regions, as part of route-to-market solutions.
  • Success in greenfields development of Managed Solutions operating model in the African Regions (eg Nigeria).
  • Track record in acquiring and integrating acquisitions to add specialised competencies or enter new markets (eg Surgipharm).
Key investment highlights

Key investment highlights

Ranked in the top 25 3PL providers globally and 15th for land-based revenue, with a presence in 38 countries on five continents and approximately 30 000 employees, our investment highlights include: