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‘One Imperial’

Imperial is a purpose-driven organisation, creating sustainable value through our focus on people, planet and profit.

Imperial is your 'Gateway to Africa'

'One Imperial' dimensions of value


  • Reorganised business with embedded purpose and values to drive a 'One Imperial' culture that enables our people to deliver our strategic and operational objectives.


  • Deep legitimacy in our industries and markets, with wide recognition as a trusted brand with exemplary standards of service delivery, governance and ethics, with ESG fully integrated into daily business as a competitive advantage.


  • Ability to fully leverage unique competitive advantages centred on Africa to sustain profitable growth – through accelerated organic growth and selective strategic acquisitions in core and complementary capabilities and industries.
  • Optimised capital management and allocation approach, within means, covenants and risk tolerances – through strategically aligned, forward looking scenario planning and forecasting, and deep operational visibility.

Optimal and integrated systems and practices with IT, digital and data initiatives at the heart of the organisation, delivering new growth, a step-change in efficiency and effectiveness, data-driven decision making and disruptive innovation.

Our business

We are an Africa-focused provider of end-to-end, integrated market access and logistics solutions, with a significant African footprint and vast expertise. We operate in 26 countries, with a focus on defensive and growing industries.

Our Solutions

We have a leading market access business across Africa and are the premier logistics provider in Southern Africa. We have developed strong expertise and leading market positions in contract logistics and freight in Europe and the UK.

Our integrated logistics and market access offerings drive a seamless client experience, delivered through simplified processes using the latest technology to help them grow in previously untapped markets.

Market Access

Our market access business – in which close to 100% of revenue is generated in Africa – is integral to our ‘Gateway to Africa’ strategy. Our market access solutions see us taking ownership of inventory and responsibility for the full order-to-cash function. We build complex route-to-market solutions that provide our principals with access to patients and consumers through comprehensive channel strategies that integrate sourcing, sales, distribution, marketing and promotions. Our solutions also create opportunities to leverage our freight and contract logistics capabilities.


We expertly manage the movement of goods on behalf of clients between specified sources and destinations, combining different transportation modes and types. To reduce their time-to-market, improve customer service and mitigate risk, we also work in partnership with our clients to integrate logistics functions in their end-to-end supply chain. When the outsource relationship is fully mature, we act as the Lead Logistics Provider (LLP), managing multiple supply chain functions on our clients’ behalf.

Performance review

Our people are an integral part of Imperial’s success; their level of engagement, relevant skills and varied ideas determine the efficacy of our client-focused solutions, improved performance and accelerated growth. Progressing our people and culture journey is reliant on transforming our leadership diversity and mindset, and ensuring our people engage wholeheartedly with our purpose, values and strategy to deliver effectively against the diverse needs of our stakeholders. This will be driven through My Imperial People Way.

I’m Imperial, I’m Valued

Performance review
Digital and IT review

Connecting Africa and the world, and driving differentiation, optimisation and disruption, means we must acquire, develop and deploy leading digital capabilities. Our digital strategy centres on applying best-of-breed and emerging technologies to provide clients with innovative solutions that differentiate them from their competitors. We embrace market disruptors and leverage innovation so that our clients will not only survive – but thrive – well into the future.

We measure our progress through our strategic KPIs

Enterprise architecture

Establish digital capabilities

e-commerce capabilities

Investments and partnerships

Digital and IT organisation

Performance review

We are embedding ESG practices into our daily business activities so that we can proactively manage our impacts on people and planet, beyond compliance requirements.

Highlighted impacts

900 000 m2

total warehousing
under coverage

R9 billion

procurement spend, 70% with
B-BEEE compliant suppliers

R3,5 billion



13 000



of operating profit
spent on CSI

Patients saved

R49 million

on healthcare costs via Unjani Clinics

R3,5 billion

principal contract
renewal rate

10 teaching hospitals

supplied with chemotherapy

Access to
pharmaceuticals saved

~35 800 lives

Estimated socioeconomic value we created

South Africa
R98,1 billion
R145,9 billion


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