Our digital strategy is key to transforming Imperial, enabling growth and strategy by providing coherent processes and systems that support core business and strategic delivery, and by facilitating access to new value propositions and revenue streams. Our digital strategy enables us to build partnerships across our ecosystem, and to identify, pre-empt, integrate and own potentially disruptive technologies and businesses. Our digital strategy is both a driver of, and facilitated by, our 'One Imperial' strategy.

A unifying digital strategy is not possible without an integrated and unified approach to the business, and our ability to truly become 'One Imperial' cannot be fulfilled without underlying foundational IT processes and initiatives being in place. Our digital initiatives and imperatives are similarly foundational to our ability to capture new opportunities, become data driven, amplify value, differentiate, meet and anticipate our clients' needs, and to innovate.

Supporting the 'One Imperial' strategy:

  • Amplify value - shift from being the custodian and IT, to becoming the amplifier of business value
  • Capture opportunities - accelerate Imperial's response to capturing business opportunities through the use of technology and data
  • Disrupt ourselves - become our own disrupter by challenging legacy business processes based on digital technology-led innovations
  • Differentiate in the market - enable businesses to differentiate themselves by deploying technology solutions and becoming data driven
  • Client centricity - align our way of working to product-oriented teaming, more closely linked to solutions that allow for better, more customer-focused IT services
  • Digital, powered by IT - drive digital transformation through an integrated digital and IT delivery method, ensuring that maximum digital and data benefits are realised at scale

Our digital initiatives include:

  • digital fleet
  • mobile commerce
  • value from data
  • e-commerce and e-fulfilment
  • control towers
  • point of sale integration