An independent socio-economic impact assessment (SEIA) was conducted by Accenture to quantify Imperial’s direct and indirect impact in two key markets over the period F2019 and F2020.

This was estimated at:

South Africa

The SEIA highlighted Imperial’s key contributions to the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as:

Our impact highlights

South Africa

900,000 m2 total warehousing under coverage

R9 billion procurement spend, 70% with B BBEE compliant suppliers

R3.5 billion employee-related expenditure

Travelled 360x South Africa's road length for customer deliveries

Recycled 12.8 million litres of water

Avoided 5,700 tons of greenhouse gas emissions

Over 13,000 employees

3.2% of operating profit spent on CSI

Patients saved R49 million on healthcare costs via Unjani Clinics

R483 million taxes contributed

R23 million training spend;
900,000 training hours

R11.5 million in socio-economic costs saved by avoiding accidents

1,266 tons of waste recycled

95% principal contract renewal rate

10 teaching hospitals supplied with chemotherapy treatments

Access to pharmaceuticals saved ~35,800 lives

Fairly priced medicines saved patients NGN 59.5 billion

Global Women’s Forum for development and advancement of women

969 jobs supported with NGN 2.8 billion employee benefits

More than 200 jobs supported in supply chain

Our impact in F2019 and F2020

We invest in our employees

Our employees are our greatest asset. We invest in them through fair compensation and benefits, fostering an inclusive workforce, supporting on-going learning and skills development, and emphasizing the highest standards of health and safety.

Our F2020 South Africa impact includes:

  • R3.5 billion of employee-related expenditure, equivalent to ~22% of revenue
  • R23 million on training spend (900,000 training hours)
  • 13 583 jobs supported

The SEIA places this value to society and partners at R26.5 billion over a two year period.

Our F2020 Nigeria impact includes:

  • 969 jobs supported
  • NGN 2.8 billion (Nigerian Naira) in employee benefits paid out
  • NGN 2.4 million spent on training

We serve our customers, clients and principals

Imperial serves customers, clients and principals across five industries (healthcare, consumer, industrial and commodities, automotive and chemicals) with innovative, integrated, end to end solutions.

Over F2019 and F2020, the value of this service in South Africa is estimated at R34.9 billion, with:

  • Activity entailing storage of products in our 900,000 m2 of warehouses
  • Our trucks travelling 360 times the length of South Africa’s roads to get products to more than 50,000 delivery points
  • Serving millions of South Africans

In Nigeria, Imperial generates revenue through the distribution of pharmaceutical products which creates a significant impact on the lives of people. Enabling timely access to safe, reliable pharmaceutical products at affordable prices reduces socio-economic losses for Nigeria.

In F2019 and F2020, a total value of NGN 3.4 trillion was created in Nigeria through saving an estimated 35,800 lives, with the supply of wholesale priced medicines realising cost savings to society of NGN 59.5 billion.

We support our partners, sub-contractors and service providers

The success of Imperial’s operations is dependent on the support of an external network of trusted, accredited sub contractors, suppliers and service providers, including enterprise and supplier development partners.

This, including taxes paid, created R36.2 billion of direct and indirect value in South Africa for F2019 and F2020, supporting:

  • 14 560 partner jobs
  • 70% preferential procurement spend with B BBEE compliant suppliers

Contribution to the Nigerian economy on this front, totalled a value creation of NGN 126.2 billion, supporting over 200 jobs.

We harness the power of digital

Through digitalization and new technologies, we are both improving efficiencies, safety and environmental performance for ourselves and our clients. Harnessing real-time visibility of our trucks and customer supply chains, our data-driven insights enable continuous improvement.

Control towers deployed in South Africa allow for 20%-30% reduction in inventory levels, a 75% reduction in waste and up to 1% reduction in the cost of goods sold.

In F2020:

  • We avoided over 5,700 tons of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduced clean water demand by 12.8 million litres (3.9% of demand) through recycling
  • Met 2% of our electricity demand through renewables

In Nigeria, Imperial has also invested in generating site efficiencies by using LED bulbs, reducing dependence on diesel generators, harvesting rainwater and optimising space.

We contribute to our communities

We contribute to the development of our communities and countries of operation through impactful CSI initiatives, focusing on providing access to quality and affordable healthcare services, increasing the reach of quality education and improving road safety.

Our ~R50 million investment in South African community development has generated a ten-fold societal impact valued at R500 million, through:

  • R49.2 million of cost savings on healthcare access to patients via the Unjani Clinic network
  • Learners at 50 schools receiving state of the art libraries via the Imperial and Motus Community Trust
  • Road safety campaigns reaching more than 1,600 schools since their inception
  • Supporting over 300 jobs

In Nigeria, Imperial also partners with select non-profit organisations to provide affordable eye care and cancer treatments which currently are beyond the reach of millions of Nigerians. The total value generated amounted to NGN 3.2 billion with 45 lives saved.

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