With a vision to connect every patient to quality healthcare, every day, we are a leading force in African healthcare supply chain management.

Our extensive network across the continent - coupled with our experience in all channels of the healthcare supply chain - means that we can offer our principals and clients the trust and confidence that is key in the healthcare sector.

  • A significant portion of the total delivered cost of medicines in Africa - up to 40% - is made up of supply chain, distribution and other non-core costs. As the costs associated with importing products into Africa continues to rise, we are able to leverage our relationships, network, experience and skills to ensure our pharmaceuticals remain affordable.
  • Our unique market knowledge and proven processes, methodologies and tools help manage the ever-increasing complexity, risk and speed of modern day distribution.
  • Our proven solutions rapidly deliver results with the agility to quickly manage future change for continuous flexibility, value and success.
  • Our simplified solutions for healthcare reduce the risk, complexity and management responsibilities of the principal - freeing up valuable time and resources without compromising growth, service quality and the customer experience.

The demand for healthcare products continues to rise and a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18% has been forecast for the healthcare industry in Africa. Imperial is also becoming more involved in the generics, animal health and medical device markets which are expected to grow significantly by 2023. For the 2020 financial year, the healthcare sector generated 21% of total revenue and delivered growth of close to 10%. Contract renewals stand at c.90% and a strong new business pipeline across the group is in place.

In addition to both the challenges and the opportunities presented by Covid-19, there are a number of other key drivers that are fundamentally impacting the healthcare sector globally. These trends include:

  • Evolving population demographics (ageing population)
  • Growing urbanisation
  • Increasing demand for generic pharmaceuticals (promoted mainly by governments)
  • Advancing in technology
  • Changing patient expectations

With healthcare being a key industry of operation and growth, we are well positioned to leverage these opportunities.

and figures

  • Provide point of care and pharmaceutical retail deliveries to more than 3 573 delivery points in Kenya, 1 300 in Ghana and 52 000 across Nigeria
  • Healthcare is one of Africa’s critical development challenges
  • According to the WHO, the continent carries 25% of the world’s disease burden, but its share of global health expenditures is less than 1%
  • Leading healthcare distributor in East, West and Southern Africa
  • Deep experience in navigating the complexity, diversity and distinct challenges of the African continent
  • Manage Innovator, generics and OTCs
  • Highly proficient in managing unpredictable currency exposures, unexpected costs and evolving exchange control regulations
  • We give brand owners informed access to consumers through our extensive in-country networks
  • Well tested and co-ordinated strategies for managing governance and corporate compliance
  • Highly experienced in navigating international political, legal or system risk and numerous trade barriers in day-to-day business operations
  • Own and operate over 100 000m² of warehouse space in the healthcare industry – spanning 27 locations
  • Principal trades in a risk-free environment as we take full responsibility for the debtor’s book
  • Africa manufactures less than 2% of the medicine it consumes
  • Inadequate resource allocation, funding, customs gridlock and counterfeit pharmaceuticals are major challenges to healthcare delivery on the continent
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