Our purpose is to provide access to markets across the African continent.

Our unique
value proposition

With Africa at the heart of our strategy, we build commercial solutions that give our principals access to customers and consumers through comprehensive route to market and channel strategies, integrated with sourcing and procurement, demand generation, distribution, and marketing.

Our extensive experience in navigating the complex African continent and proven success in developing and implementing market access solutions, positions Imperial as a strategic partner to clients and principals wanting to enter and grow in emerging and challenging economies.


Through our extensive footprint across Africa, we play a critical role in meeting consumers' ever-increasing need for market access services in previously inaccessible markets.

Our operations in mainly West and Southern Africa, position Imperial to provide market access services in more than 15 countries across Africa. Over the short and medium term, we plan to expand our footprint into new regions, including East Africa, and to leverage our expertise in other key industries.

Our offering

  • Integrated and innovative solutions for simple, flexible, efficient, and visible supply chains
  • End-to-end access to markets, customers, and consumers
  • Flexibility to adjust to different needs
  • End-to-end visibility and insights
  • Customised and fit-for-purpose solutions
  • Specialist capabilities
  • Efficient access to smaller markets through a multi-market aggregation model
  • Sourcing and procurement services
  • Demand generation and promotion services
  • Contract manufacturing services

How we help you

We provide clients, principals, and customers with complete, best-in-class solutions, giving them easy access to end-consumers through an integrated sourcing, sales, distribution, and marketing service, taking their products to some of the fastest growing and most challenging markets in the world, and reducing the complexity and risk involved in operating in those markets.

Earned insight and flawless execution

With hard earned insight and unwavering focus, we design solutions that closely meet their needs – and then execute them flawlessly. We achieve this by developing a deep understanding of our clients’ and principals’ businesses, their needs and the industries and markets in which they operate.

Proven solutions and agility

Our proven solutions rapidly deliver results with the agility to quickly manage future change for continuous flexibility, value, and success. When required, we take ownership of product inventory and revenue collection to provide our clients with unparalleled access to their end consumers, leveraging our in-market networks and in-country infrastructure.

Leveraging people and technology

We leverage the best people and technology, adopting simple processes to make doing business in Africa easy. Using analytical insights, we create an optimal omni-channel strategy to drive sales volume, value, and velocity.

Being a strategic partner

As the strategic partner to our multinational principals and clients, we identify and develop new market segments for consumer products – targeting non-buying customers in currently targeted markets and new customers in new markets. Our unique market knowledge and proven processes, methodologies and tools help manage the ever-increasing complexity, risk and speed of modern day supply chains.

Global experience

Our experience helps global clients mitigate and manage the effects of global competition, rapid price fluctuations, short product life cycles, expanded specialisation, near/far and offshoring, as well as talent scarcity.

We offer vast experience, expertise, and specialist capabilities in the consumer goods value chain, including sourcing, procurement, sales, distribution, and debtor's management:

  • Deliver premium brands by providing fully integrated, end-to-end market access solutions for the unique distribution requirements of the African market
  • Our principals trade in a risk-free environment as we take full responsibility for the debtor’s book when required
  • Unmatched access to formal and informal consumer markets - our cash van solutions ensure that products are sold and distributed far and wide into the informal markets
  • Informed access to consumers through our extensive in-country networks
  • Well tested and co-ordinated strategies for managing governance and corporate compliance
  • Our data-driven sales enablement is customisable to fit principal requirements
  • Mobile applications in place for both smartphone and tablet reporting

Our team

We are differentiated by a unique distributor approach, supported by local partnerships and benefiting from exclusive relationships with principals

  • Well-trained and equipped sales force
  • Specialist capabilities
  • Extensive on-the-ground expertise, resources, capabilities, and geographic spread as we are well represented throughout our countries of operation, including all rural areas
  • Highly experienced in navigating international political, legal or system risk and numerous trade barriers in day-to-day business operations
  • Deep experience in navigating the complexity, diversity, and distinct challenges of the African continent
  • Extensive on-the-ground expertise and flexibility to adjust to different needs
  • Highly proficient in managing unpredictable currency exposures, unexpected costs, and evolving exchange control regulations
  • Operate to the highest quality and compliance standards
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