Our focus areas

Enforce defensible health and safety practices

Care for our people, customers and stakeholders, are amongst the primary reasons for having effective Health & Safety principles and values throughout all levels of our organization. Across the healthcare, chemicals and automotive industries we are differentiated by our security and safety practices.

Our approach to safety covers safe road transportation services, product quality and employee wellness. Our quality and safety management frameworks and systems align to relevant legislation in each country of operation and are designed to ensure we consistently meet client and principal SHEQ requirements.

A network of skilled health & safety professionals across the group ensure that safety standards are continually monitored for compliance and opportunities for improvement identified. Our established safety committees at operational sites, oversee the alignment and implementation of the Imperial Health, Safety, Environment & Quality policy and objectives, as communicated by our CEO.

Our customized HSE management system framework ensures accountability across all levels towards the safety of people, the sustainability of our environment, the protection of our assets, as well as adopting a responsible way of work which will enable us to be recognized within the marketplace as leaders in our industries.

At Imperial, we work hand in hand with our partners in finding ways to be better, safer and more effective in what we do.

  • Our in-house training and development function ensures that only the best drivers are sourced, trained and released on the roads. The combination of advanced technology with AI capabilities and the skilful intervention of dedicated driver trainers, strategically allocated to meet the required needs of each industry we operate in, are essential in order to achieve our objective of continual improvement.
  • Leadership driven employee recognition programs is another effective form of motivating our employees to contribute towards overall safety in the workplace. Our annual HSSE conference proves to be a valuable platform to review progress made throughout the year and engage on areas of improvement.
  • Self-regulation, within each operating business is encouraged. Our operating businesses are SANS 1395:2019 compliant. Certification to various standards are dependant to the industry we operate within. Certifications achieved vary between, however not limited to, the following
    • RTMS (SANS 1395:2019)
    • ISO Integrated Management Systems (ISO IMS)
    • ISO 22000:2019
    • Safety & Quality Assessment for Sustainability (SQAS)
    • International Cyanide Management Code (ICMI)

Protect our people, operations, clients and suppliers from COVID-19 infections

Our primary duty and responsibility during COVID-19 is to act in the best interest of our stakeholders. First and foremost, our focus is on protecting our people, operations, clients and suppliers from infection, and fulfilling the critical role we play in ensuring the continued supply of the essential products and services needed to respond to the pandemic.